Zombie Wedding – Halloween Wars Finale of 2012

Zombie Wedding, The Season Finale of Halloween Wars!

Zombie Costume - Zombie women in dirty ash white dress

Zombie Costume - Zombie women

Time to creep out! The final Halloween Wars episode will air on Sunday, October 28th. This will bring to end the Food Network’s Halloween Wars Season 2 special 2012 seasonal mini-series. This show is addictive! The finale tonight is zombie wedding, bride and groom, and zombie marriage themed. The teams (Morbid Mayhem and Dead Men Walking) are challenged to use their expert culinary skills while their displays evoke love of the heartless marriage of two zombies. At stake is the Halloween Wars championship and $50,000 grand prize.

“We also have the highlights of all episodes from the first this season: Halloween Wars – Evil Clown. The second episode Battle of the Vampire Killer; third was Halloween Wars Science Gone Wrong,  and we have the finale of Zombie Weddings. We also Have  all the Halloween Wars Warrior Teams and Celebrity Judges Biographies.”


Zombie Wedding – Halloween Wars Finale of 2012

Tonight is the final face off. The teams meet one last time for the Frankenfest with the final spine chilling competition on the Halloween theme “Zombie Weddings.” The celebrity guest judge, Sara Canning, known for her part in scary and evil movies, plays the part of Jenna Sommers in Vampire Diaries, though she has also acted in other dark, horror murderous films such as Black Field (a Gothic Victorian film), the Canadian horror film “Blitzed,” and “Hunt for the I-5 Killer.” As she was introduced on Halloween Wars, she told the final two teams, “I hope you can scare me!”

Halloween Wars Season Two – 2012

Food Network’s special mini series Halloween Wars is in its second year and runs for 4 weeks. Every week, teams battle other teams and each team has a pumpkin carver, master baker, and a candy artist. The pumpkin cutter will sculpt, cut, scrape, mold, and create intricate pieces of art out of various pumpkins to match the free handed drawing the team created. The master baker is responsible for making, baking and creating the needed cakes and cupcakes. They also mold fondant during the cooking time. The candy artist adds the sparkle, detailed color, and pulls the pumpkin carving and the baked good together. The candy artist has to magically transform a block of molten corn syrup, white sugar or confectionery sugar into an incredible work of art. With the clock ticking and minutes left, all the teammates assemble their work. As the final minutes wrap up, the Halloween warriors rush to assemble the pumpkin carvings, cakes, candies and to aid in the final display. This week is all about a zombie wedding! The display must evoke the magical scene of a romantic love yet horrifically portray the undead zombies to the best of their abilities.

Halloween Wars gives the teams in the final competition about 5 hours to work. They are then judged at how well they use their time, speed, skills, and ingenuity. With the amount of work that is expected by the team, this leaves no room for error and in past episodes, some teams were unable to complete all tasks. Another component the judges look at is the selections of ingredients and the quality and taste of these extraordinary displays. The Halloween displays over the past three weeks have been of deathly, bloody, gory, grotesque, and tonight one team used entrails and a bloody heart. Zombie themes can now be deemed delicious!

Halloween Wars Finale – The Winners of Halloween Wars

Zombie Bride Ghost Costume-02666

Zombie Bride Ghost Costume-02666

With Zombie marriage as the theme, the displays must evoke love of marriage forever and gore, guts and bloody heartlessness of the zombie horrific reputation. Tonight the teams must evoke the magical scene of a romantic love yet create a horrific zombie wedding that only a brain sucking monster would love. At stake is the Halloween Wars championship and $50,000 grand prize.

Morbid Mayhem has cake designer Barbarann Garrard, pumpkin carver Andy Bergholtz, and master sugar artist Peggy Tucker. They chose “Just Buried” as their theme, crafting the scene of a couple that died on their wedding night and crawl out of the grave on the anniversary to renew their vows. The service was performed by a gargoyle perched on a tombstone with rising dead hands offering chocolate Irish creme morsels to the zombies. The coolest part of the display was the dripping and melting! They didn’t win though; maybe because the team didn’t plan for that.

Winners Dead Men Walking has candy maker Richard Ruskell, pumpkin sculptor Marc Evan, and cake designer Vinny Garcia. The final Halloween display was “Undying Love.” The back story is that a couple is having an outdoor bayou wedding when the zombie apocalypse struck. Undaunted, the zombie bride and groom are wed in a dark comical sense. The zombie groom, in a token of his love, offers his dead heart to his undead bride.

Zombies Weddings and Halloween Costumes!

Tonight’s Halloween Wars battle is all about scary zombie weddings. Zombies are becoming more than just for Halloween and Zombie crawls marches and more are now being help all over the US. The twist in tonight’s Halloween Wars is Zombie Wedding and it is much simpler to pull off when dressing up in a costume or for a zombie event. Check out the top 10 Zombie Costumes!

The Zombie wedding dress needs traditional elements. Think “wedding” and bring to mind a bright, cheerful atmosphere that says “Happily Ever After” for the lovely bride and bride groom. Family and friends, and those dearest to lovely couple, share in the love of two people joining souls. Think of ways to show love, poetic devotions, wedding flowers, and wedding cakes. Though, it is all about the bride’s wedding dress.

Zombie Sexy Bride - Gothic Mistress Costume 889167xl

Zombie Sexy Bride - Gothic Mistress Costume 889167xl

Zombie bridal costumes are more traditional and start with white lacy wedding dresses. The zombie groom should start with the traditional wedding tuxedo. Both should complement the other. You can get ideas from many wedding sites and wedding photographers. The soon-to-be husband and wife zombie newlyweds’ outfits need to be tattered and abused. Zombie brides and zombie grooms evoke fear! They’re a hauntingly great twist for a couple costume, especially if the audience could become the main course. Zombies have the right to enjoy the dark gloom that brings unhappiness, too. Whether the bride and groom are best fitted over their mutual love of sucking brains out of people or can look past their entrails being exposed, there is something less scary when two loving zombies say “I do.” The best part of a great zombie costume would be to take the classic white wedding dress and cover it in ash and mud. The groom’s old style tuxedo should be ripped and tattered and covered in bits and pieces of his last victim. There is no need for extras because the best way to showcase your couples costume would be to only use face paint and theatrical make up for special horror effects.

Zombie wedding costumes tend to be Victorian or Gothic dresses. The bride and groom give the impression they had to crawl out of the grave on a cold rainy autumn day. Zombies don’t have much emotion, but they can look bitter or angry as their eternal rest has been disturbed. Zombies are great Halloween characters for the theatrical make-up artists and special effects people. Zombies can be missing parts and pieces, have ½ a face, no forearm, torn nails, rib cages and entrails spilling out.   Seeing as they have been disturbed and called back to the living world craving brains, they are more stiff postmortem. Walk, dance or crawl, but like the un-dead zombies they are.

Zombies aren’t just for Halloween; there is a whole subculture dedicated to Zombie Walks and even a Zombie Apocalypse. We have the full lists Halloween and several Zombie Parades being held in October.

Sara Canning – Celebrity Guest judge for “Zombie Wedding” airing on October 28 at 9pm)

Vampire Diaries’ Sara Canning was born in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada on July 14, 1987. Her interest in acting began when she was in junior high school. This continued with several roles in productions while attending Community High School.

Canning is best known for her role as Jenna Sommers in the TV show, Vampire Diaries. Her credits also include the role of Nicky Hilton in Paparazzi Princes: The Paris Hilton Story, as well as guest starring in such shows as Smallville, Kyle XY, and Supernatual. But acting is only one part of Sara Canning. She also has aspirations of writing and directing in her future.

Sara Canning - Vampire Diaries

Sara Canning - Vampire Diaries

She made Atlanta, GA her temporary home while filming Vampire Diaries. She enjoyed the lifestyle and culture, but missed her home country of Canada and has since moved back to Vancouver.

Sara will be the final judge and choose the winner of the 2012 Halloween Wars on Food Network, airing on October 28, 2012 at 9PM. Sara will be up for the most challenging episode, “Zombie Wedding,” where walking down the aisle may look more like a zombie crawl. With zombie white dresses dripping blood red, walking down the aisle maybe be done with in a zombie march or crawl. As the guest judges hear the final wedding bell, expect the guests to take their time drinking slimy cocktails and eating bloody brains for appetizers.

The final show will air on October 28, 2012 at 9PM on the Food Network, and the 2012 Halloween Wars final victors will celebrate the gruesome wins and be $50,000 richer.  The losing teams may not have the money, but they will delight in the fact that they were still able to show their mastery at capturing all the evil Halloween moments. Can’t wait until next years Halloween Wars! This should be a great episode, so many movies, events and easy costumes can be drawn from it. The zombie creature(s) might be heartless, but it is because they gave their hearts to their future spouse! Expect to be scared and surprised with tonight’s teams creating a romantic yet horrific zombie wedding.

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