Zombie Makeup Tutorial

(Photo courtesy Eric Ingrum)

It looks like Easter weekend is just about upon us so why the heck are we talking about zombies? Well for those of you who don’t dress up more than once a year, the Zombie Walk take place all over the world during the Easter weekend. We are aware that the walks might offend some people since it takes place on Easter Sunday. We don`t discriminate based upon religion or beliefs, we just want everyone to have a safe fun time!

So with that being said, who`s going to be a zombie this weekend? Since we don’t have any zombie costumes I thought I’d help those out with the makeup…well not me specifically. I’ve really been into some of these makeup artists on Youtube so I easily found an onslaught of handy zombie makeup tutorials. This video should provide you with all you need to transform your face into a hideous monster from beyond the grave.

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