Tuesday For Tots

I thought I’d share some of the cutest baby costumes we carry as well as some other goodies from around the social web. Mr Costumes carries a huge selection of the most adorable toddler costumes you can find on the planet. The family loves a newborns first Halloween, and no one will forget those cute pictures everyone likes to see of your young one all dressed up.

Our selection should make any parent happy, especially when they see the prices on most of these baby costumes. For what you get, they’re really high quality and cute costumes that will last many years to come. You can even save these for the next bundle of joy on the way, or give it to a friends newborn once yours grows out of the costume.

Here are some extra baby costume links that might help you inspire your next Halloween costume purchase. If anyone wants to show off their baby then get in touch with us and be featured on the blog!

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