Toy Story Costumes Rocks the Box Office

Toy Story 3Toy Story 3 – Jessie, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Gang

Toy Story 3 opened nationwide June 18th, and rocked the box office. Toy Story 3 brought in over $109 million during its opening weekend, making it Pixar’s most successful opening weekend so far. The long awaited animated Pixar flick brought Andy’s toys on a new adventure – one that lead them straight to Sunnyside Daycare.

Toy Story CostumesToy Story Costumes

Tom Hanks returned to reprise his role as the brave and heroic Woody, with Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, and Michael Keaton all joining in the adventure. And adventure it is! From a maniacal pink teddy bear to a twisted Ken doll, the toys go on a surprise journey into daycare, through the dump, and almost get incinerated in flames. Toddlers, kids, teens and adults will all be engrossed throughout the entire movie, which is fun from the beginning to the end.

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