Top 5 Halloween Costumes

Mr. Costumes has some fresh new designs for you this 2011 costuming year in honor of some of our favorite movies. This year, movie costumes are all the rage, and Mr. Costumes has put together a list of the hot items to make your Halloween spectacular. Check out the Top 5 countdown:

#5: Avatar

Avatar costumes
Though Avatar was released in 2009, it is still the highest grossing 3D movie in Hollywood history. Return to Pandora and be one of the Na’vi with plenty of Avatar costumes to choose from, including Jake Sully and Naytiri for both adults and children.

#4: The Dark Knight


Batman costumes
With a new Batman movie set to come out next year, Batman: Dark Knight Rising, Mr. Costumes has updated their collection of Batman costumes to appeal to any fan. The selection includes Batman, the Joker and styles for women in Batgirl, Robin and Catwoman to complete any group or couples costume.

#3: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland costumes
Though Alice in Wonderland’s latest movie came out last year, it is a great classic with costumes galore. The traditional blue dress now comes in multiple styles, including longer skirts for modesty while still maintaining a sexy look. The Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter also has numerous styles, and the Cheshire Cat even makes an appearance in Mr. Costumes’ Alice in Wonderland costumes.

#2: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates costumes
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has the box office in an uproar. Mr. Costumes’ pirate costumes contain licensed characters from the Pirates franchise, or original pirate costumes for a custom look. With numerous choices for men, women and children, pirates are a great Halloween idea for groups or couples costumes.

#1: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Vampire costumes
In honor of the last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, the vampire costume section has grown significantly with new stock and great designs. The vampire costumes range from sweet to sexy to gothic and all are perfect for a night on the town. Vampires are creatures of the night and perfect for any Halloween party.