The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume Revealed

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume
Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume

The Dark Knight Rises in July
July 20th marks the release of Christopher Nolan’s final movie in the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. While speculation on the film’s plot is still ongoing, the costumes in the movie have finally been revealed, including the fan favorite Catwoman portrayed by Anne Hathaway. With many Catwoman designs in the past, such as Michelle Pfeiffer’s popular scrappy outfit in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns and Halle Berry’s revealing sexy costume in Catwoman, debate raged as to what Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume would look like in the Nolanverse.
Luckily, we’ve finally gotten the full look of The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costumein enough time for people to even dress up for the midnight release. Thinking about dressing sexy like the popular cat burglar? Anne Hathaway’s version offers sex appeal and is tactical enough for a night on the town. Climbing buildings will be no problem in this costume–and neither will partying down as the infamous Catwoman!

Catwoman Halloween Costume
Catwoman Halloween Costume

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume
The design of this costume is very much inspired upon her current comic incarnation. With a black bodysuit that lends itself to a cat burglar image to tactical goggles that allow her to see at night, much like a cat. The boots may seem a bit dangerous for Catwoman, but the spiked heels are sure to give her a “Kitty has claws” feel that makes her a danger to her foes.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Poster

Personally, I think the thigh high boots give this costume a very interesting feel, particularly because the fabric choices are so different between the bodysuit and the boot. Her goggles, another unique design, actually flip up and sit on her head to look like cat ears. If you want to dress in this version of Catwoman, there are plenty of choices for a Catwoman Halloween costume. Women and girls can have the deluxe version of the suit that include the bodysuit, boot covers, and cat ear goggles. You’re sure to see the The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume at every convention this year, and she’ll definitely be a popular choice this Halloween.
Catwoman’s Role in The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

While the plot for The Dark Knight Rises is still up in the air, fans have their speculation. According to the trailers, Catwoman appears as both a friend and enemy to Batman. She obviously fears Bane, the “big villain” of this movie, and also works alongside Batman to rid Gotham of this dangerous crime boss. So fans are wondering–Is Catwoman the antagonist, or someone to help Batman along through the movie as a protagonist? Whatever the truth behind Catwoman’s appearance, we do know that her costume is top notch!
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