Take Dorothy Costumes Down the Yellow Brick Road

Sexy Dorothy Costume

Dorothy costumes can make your trip to Oz more exciting than ever. Strolling down the yellow brick road in a sassy Dorothy costume, with short dress, blue plaid design, and infamous ruby slippers can spice up the company tagging along for sure.

Dorothy costumes are a great way to get noticed at the big bash this year. Her innocent appeal mixed with a sassy dress will turn more than one head for sure. The trip will definitely be more exciting than ever when sexy little Dorothy makes her way to see the Wizard.

The classic Dorothy costume can be completed with a realistic wig, brown hair with braided pig tails and little bows making the Dorothy look as true as the day Judy Garland put herself in those ruby red slippers.

Dorothy costumes for kids are also a great way to put a twist on the ever so ordinary costumes that kids round up on Halloween. Twenty princesses in the same room might seem overwhelming and your little one won’t stand out so brilliantly. A tiny Dorothy costume will turn heads while giving your little girl another piece of apparel for her dress up fun.

Toddler Dorothy Costume

Dress up fun all year round is a great way to let imaginations run a muck among children. Playing out their favorite parts of movies or roles from television can let your little ones express themselves daily. Dorothy costumes for kids let them take that wonderful trip to Oz with their Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tinman friends by their sides. Oops, almost forgot about Toto! The family dog can take part of your little ones imaginative fun in her Dorothy costume.

Dorothy costumes make great choices for group or couples themes. Adding in the Scarecrow, Wizard, Glinda, the Wicked Witch or the Lion to your Dorothy costume can create a group of Oz loving fans behind you. Dorothy costumes will get you noticed while letting you show your love for the phenomenal movie. After all, “There’s no place like home!”

Kids Dorothy Costume