Zombie Makeup Ideas for the Living Dead Look


The Walking Dead has made zombies more popular than ever before. But how do you get that undead look for Halloween? It is not as hard as you might imagine. You can create a scary zombie look by using one of the zombie makeup kits available at Mr. Costumes, or with some simple household items. Below we will give you some ideas on how to do zombie makeup. The Ultimate Zombie Look To do your own zombie makeup, you will need: makeup sponge pale foundation dark eyeliners various … [Read more...]

Morphsuit Costumes are “Morph” Fun

festival morphsuits-costumes-cropped

Morph into a better version of you today! Morphsuits are the one-piece spandex body suits that you've seen worn by the pranksters and the extroverts, with full head coverings that cause you to ask, "How do you eat in that??"...among other things. Morphsuits are more than just one-piece, solid color spandex skin suits - they are available in licensed and themed characters including Glow in the dark skeletons, Slender Man, Zombies and, Gorillas  just to name a few. Solid colored … [Read more...]

Scary Kids Costumes to Make Them Scream

Scary Kids Costumes

While many children love dressing up in Disney or Nickelodeon costumes, this year you may be seeing a lot of zombies shuffling in front of your door with scary kids costumes. The popularity of The Walking Dead and zombie movies like World War Z has both adults and children running to get living dead costumes. But the popularity of zombies and other scary creatures is not limited to adult programming. Many children's TV shows have monsters in them, sometimes in a humorous way. Books and … [Read more...]

Scary Movies: A Generational Perspective

Alien Movie

My son is a huge horror movie fan. Personally, I enjoyed them when I was his age, but as I got older that sudden shock to the heart was not as fun. What I have noticed is that he and his friends take horror flicks and television shows in stride. They are fun and, in many cases, funny - and I am not talking about the Scary movie parodies. I went with him to see Scary Movie 4 and the then-12-year-old had to explain most of the things he found hilarious as I had not seen the movies they were … [Read more...]

Zombie Wedding – Halloween Wars Finale of 2012

Zombie Wedding Halloween Wars 2012 024

Zombie Wedding, The Season Finale of Halloween Wars! Time to creep out! The final Halloween Wars episode will air on Sunday, October 28th. This will bring to end the Food Network's Halloween Wars Season 2 special 2012 seasonal mini-series. This show is addictive! The finale tonight is zombie wedding, bride and groom, and zombie marriage themed. The teams (Morbid Mayhem and Dead Men Walking) are challenged to use their expert culinary skills while their displays evoke love of the heartless … [Read more...]

Halloween Makeup Tips: Zombie Skeleton Video

Halloween Makeup Tricks and Tips It's late at night. You still haven't decided what you want to be for Halloween. The clock is ticking, and you have a party soon. Don't fret! Halloween costumes come in all forms, and while costumes are best suited by applying stylized makeup, some makeup can become the costume. Special effects make up and stage make up can suit any costume, so check out these Halloween make up ideas. Video Tutorials for Halloween Makeup There are plenty of Halloween … [Read more...]

Celebrity Death Pool Sees the Famous in Zombie Costumes


The celebrity death pool is an annual tradition, and since it's just the end of March, we still have plenty of year left in which to die. Whitney Houston has already passed, but it got us thinking: Who else will bite the dust in 2012? Here's a countdown of our top ten expected to die in 2012 and a peek into what these celebrities would look like as zombies. It's not hard to imagine since many of these famous celebs dress like they're wearing zombie costumes every day. Lady Gaga … [Read more...]

Cheerleader Costumes Preppy, Scary, and Sexy


Sexy Gotta Score Cheerleader CostumeCheerleader Costumes for Spirit and Pep Cheerleader costumes are versatile as they're perfect for any occasion. Since cheerleaders are sporty, sexy, and sometimes scary, the costume can be used in three different ways that are all perfect for the current season. Whether rooting for your home team in a cheerleader uniform, having some fun in the bedroom with your football player, or raising the living dead with a zombie cheerleader, a cheerleader costume is … [Read more...]

Best Scary Costumes for Halloween 2011

Zombie costumes inspire fear  The History of Halloween When you think Halloween, you think fear. Historically, All Hallow's Eve was associated with the festival of the dead, a holiday where evil spirits ran rampant and people feasted on apples, nuts and other goodies in celebration of life. Through time, the tradition has become Halloween where those in costume trick-or-treat for candy. Of course, the lingering effects of the festival of the dead are apparent in costumes as nothing … [Read more...]

Zombie Makeup Tutorial


(Photo courtesy Eric Ingrum) It looks like Easter weekend is just about upon us so why the heck are we talking about zombies? Well for those of you who don't dress up more than once a year, the Zombie Walk take place all over the world during the Easter weekend. We are aware that the walks might offend some people since it takes place on Easter Sunday. We don`t discriminate based upon religion or beliefs, we just want everyone to have a safe fun time! So with that being said, who`s going to … [Read more...]