DragonCon Puts Superhero Costumes on a New Level

Transformers Bumblebee CostumeLabor Day Weekend is DragonCon Labor Day weekend is coming up, and many people who live in the Atlanta area are looking forward to DragonCon, one of the largest science fiction and fantasy conventions in the United States. If you enjoy costumes as much as I do, DragonCon is a must each and every year. In fact, DragonCon seems to be a "must" attend event for many people. DragonCon, started in 1987, hosts approximately 40,000 people every year. In 2008, the city … [Read more...]

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume for the Tactical Burglar

Ever since Christopher Nolan announced the final film in his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, fans have been hypothesizing over which villains will appear. Recently Nolan confirmed Catwoman will make an appearance. Anne Hathaway, who was initially rumored to play a mobster, will play Selina Kyle and her alter ego, Catwoman. Fans of Catwoman have seen numerous incarnations of her costume over the past fifty years, and Nolan has finally put rumors of which version will appear to rest. A … [Read more...]

Top 5 Halloween Costumes

Mr. Costumes has some fresh new designs for you this 2011 costuming year in honor of some of our favorite movies. This year, movie costumes are all the rage, and Mr. Costumes has put together a list of the hot items to make your Halloween spectacular. Check out the Top 5 countdown: #5: Avatar Avatar costumesThough Avatar was released in 2009, it is still the highest grossing 3D movie in Hollywood history. Return to Pandora and be one of the Na’vi with plenty of Avatar costumes to … [Read more...]

X-Men First Class Superhero Costumes

X-Men: First ClassIt's no secret. As a comic book fan, I've been holding a grudge against the X-Men franchise for years for its script writing that blatantly ignores comic book canon. In fact, I almost avoided X-Men: First Class in fear of it turning out like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which remains notable for its leak onto the internet before it hit theaters. Whereas fans left Wolverine wondering why they skipped some of the largest chapters in Logan's life, like living in Japan and fathering a … [Read more...]

The Dark Knight Rises in Batman Costumes

Bane in The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan of what fans refer to as "Nolanverse Batman" fame has finally revealed new flavor around 2012's film The Dark Knight Rises, sequel to the ever popular The Dark Knight. A promotional shot of Bane was recently released, and us fans of the comics seem to know exactly where this is going (Spoilers: It's not good for Batman). Nolan claims this is the last Batman movie he personally will produce, forming the Nolanverse trilogy. This third installment, … [Read more...]

Halloween Spiderman Costumes


p>The allurement of a Spiderman costume to kids is like women with shoes. The fascination is too much to handle at times. Every little boy has a desire to be Spiderman on Halloween as he makes his way through the streets from door to door. Baby Spiderman Costume Babies can crawl around the room on all fours pretending to be the sneaky little spider superhero that saves the day all around the city. His special ability to spin webs and climb up buildings will show more and more as he … [Read more...]

Tuesday For Tots


I thought I'd share some of the cutest baby costumes we carry as well as some other goodies from around the social web. Mr Costumes carries a huge selection of the most adorable toddler costumes you can find on the planet. The family loves a newborns first Halloween, and no one will forget those cute pictures everyone likes to see of your young one all dressed up. Our selection should make any parent happy, especially when they see the prices on most of these baby costumes. For what you get, … [Read more...]

Captain America Costumes Making A Comeback


For those of you who don't know that Captain America is making his way onto the big screen within the next year should be pleased to know that the costume is coming with it. They've set the filming dates to begin in June which should mean we get the blockbuster in theaters next summer. They villain was just chosen and we've heard the costume designers are working hard on the new look. We here at Mr Costumes know that this means the kids will be decking out in a blue jumpsuit and a shield come … [Read more...]

Sexy Halloween Costumes that Get the Most Attention

Sexy Halloween costumes are a must-have for any college girl or lady with an uncontrollable wild side. Sexy Costume contests and free admission to clubs are only part of the fun of a sexy costume on Halloween. From sorority events to front stage action, sexy costumes make everyone yell for more, and the cameras never stop flashing. For no-fail sexy costume ideas, try choosing a fantasy costume such as Lil Miss Tuffet or Judy Jetson. For harder edge looks, the Fearless Firefighter and Sexy … [Read more...]

Sexy Halloween Costumes 2009

Sexy costumes are not always skimpy, as proven by our list of the top 10 sexy Halloween costumes of 2009 for women. Sexy can be about how much skin you show, or how well you cover it. Our top 10 list had a checklist that included material used and quality in design. And the winners are... Sexy Ghostbusters Costume Sexy Spongebob Costume And #11, just for the heck of it:Sexy Female Robin Costume … [Read more...]