The Magic of Disney Costumes


Disney Costumes are incredibly popular, and one of the most sought after costumes for Halloween. Unlike other costumes, Disney costumes are typically bought throughout the year, and worn for endless play dates, parties, theatrical productions, and even trips to Disney World. Why are Disney costumes so popular, and how do costumes like Tinker Bell and Cinderella remain some of the best selling costumes, year after year? Disney has such a strong foothold in the costume world, with costumes based … [Read more...]

Halloween Safety: Ghosts and Goblins Are Out – Are You Ready?


There is hardly a soul on earth who doesn't enjoy Halloween! Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the whole year, and there is no greater feeling than seeing your child all dressed up in their costumes . Whether you enjoy getting all dressed up for a costume party, going trick or treating with the kids or staying at home passing out candy to little vampires and faires, there is one thought that should always be in your mind - Safety. The sheer emotion and thrill of getting that bag … [Read more...]

Top 20 Warm Halloween Costumes

Warm Costumes for a Cold Halloween

Warm Halloween costumes take the bite out of the wind. While Halloween may be milder in the Southern states, the Northern US, states like Maine and New York, can have snow and icy winds by late October. Keeping warm on Halloween night helps everyone have more fun. Here are our top 20 warm Halloween costumes for cold weather states. Top 20 Warm Halloween Costumes 1 - Full Moon Werewolf Costume With furry hands and a warm mask, kids can wear warm Halloween costumes that still fits the … [Read more...]

Get Inspired with Sexy Costumes for Women


Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume Sexy costumes turn boring looks and ideas into fantasy inspired attire that every woman is dying to be a part of. Creativity and a wild imagination can turn any sexy costume for women into the missing piece of your mans most treasured fantasy. Sexy Playboy Referee Costume Whether you're thinking of your mans love for Princess Leia and Star Wars or a football fanatics dream of a referee calling the shots, sexy costumes can provide the necessary tools to … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes Include Dog the Bounty Hunter


Plus Size Costumes offer most of the same funny and popular themes as their smaller costume counterparts, including characters such as Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. For most people, trying to create a homemade Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could prove quite difficult. The lure of the reality show is mostly based off the unique lifestyle of Dog and his family, and his career choice. Most adults don't have black leather vests and short black mini skirts just hanging in the closet, and … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes That Flatter

Plus size costumes come in a large selection of styles and characters, allowing people of every size to have an awesome costume for Halloween. Curvy women can bare it all as a sexy Robyn Hood or Boxer Girl, or choose to dress modestly as a vampire or Renaissance maiden. Men can dress as The Joker or Batman, as well as cut loose and have fun as Oktoberfest Guy or Jack Skellington. This year Watchmen costumes are big, and available as plus size costumes. The King and Queen of Hearts are a great … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes Offer Historic Designs

Mystic Sorcerer Plus Size Costumes are bringing history to life! This year, attend the royal ball as a member of the court or as a commoner, or choose to pillage ships for gold, and grab your maiden on the way! Royal costumes in sizes from 1XL - 3X/4X include the King and Queen of Hearts, the Enchanted Princess and Prince Charming, Greek Goddesses, and the Viking Princess. Showing allegiance and serving their duty are the Viking Warrior and Mystic Sorcerer, and celebrating the lives of the … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes and Disney Costumes Get Tested by MrCostumes Employees

In an effort to improve accuracy in sizing and measurements of all costumes offered on Mr Costumes, employees and family spent the past week trying on costumes ranging from Disney and toddler costumes to plus size costumes. Was it fun? Oh, yeah! Who doesn't love taking a few hours out of their work day to dress as a vampire or Prince Charming? Our kids loved coming in with friends and trying on costumes ranging from Hannah Montana costumes to the Supergirl Toddler Costume. Our findings? … [Read more...]