Halloween Lights Illuminate the Big Night

House with Halloween LightsHalloween Lights Generally when you think of mini lights, you think of Christmas and the colors that correspond to it: gold, multicolor, and clear lamps. However, there are plenty of colors you might not know about, colors that correspond with Halloween such as purple, orange, and black. These bright little Halloween lights are perfect for decorating your house during October. Strike fear into the hearts of those who dare knock on your door or welcome the … [Read more...]

Killer Pumpkins – True Halloween Art and Style


A cool Halloween site I just heard of that's quite popular, so I’m surprised I haven’t seen it yet, is called KillerPumpkins.com. As a Halloween fanatic myself, I'm happy to share it with all the other Halloween fans out there. The creator and illustrator of this creative site is John Pelico, who has worked with advertising, design and illustration for many years and for big names such as Dick Clark Productions, the Academy Awards, HBO, CBS and ABC. He’s combined his skill with design and … [Read more...]

Halloween Events 2009

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, and Sunday morning the clocks go back an hour, allowing for an extra hour of sleep. With the weekend and daylight savings lined up so perfectly this year, everyone is planning some sweet Halloween fun. While quaint small towns can distribute a monthly magazine that focuses on all the events taking place within their great town and city, larger cities like Chicago and the Big Apple have a bit more work to do. Trying to gather all the Halloween events into … [Read more...]

It’s Mardi Gras Time!

This year Mardi Gras falls on February 24th - are you ready? The folks in New Orleans could really use the tourism and, in the middle of such dismal economic news, many Americans could really use a break from reality. So, if you're going to Mardi Gras this year, have you got your "tools"? What do I mean by that you ask? Well you know, have you gotten your Sexy French Maid Costume or how about your Sponge Babe Costume (Wow!) yet? Get ready for the party with Sexy Costumes from … [Read more...]