Scream 4 aka Scre4m Is A Go


I've been waiting to hear if Mr Craven was actually going to be doing another Scream movie, and finally the word is in. Wes was in an interview with the folks at Entertainment Weekly when he was asked about the project; Ghostface is back for more, as is the original Scream team of director Wes Craven, screenwriter Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries), and the acting trio of Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. Dimension Films gave the first look at the final teaser poster … [Read more...]

Another Amazing Avatar Costume

I've been really admiring the make-up jobs coming out of the Youtube world lately and there is a new one that just blew my mind. Youtube user Kenandelina made a really cool video of her transformation from normal girl to an Avatar alien. If you learn to do some of this makeup in time for Halloween, you'll be able to pair that with our Avatar costumes for an amazing complete outfit. Related Avatar Links: - Avatar Costumes Are going To Be Hot This Year via Mr Costumes - Avatar Costume … [Read more...]

Stunning Home Made Avatar Makeup


Most of you are aware that Mr Costumes has got the latest and greatest Avatar Costumes in stock recently. The tricky part is doing the makeup but luckily I found a whole bunch of amazing examples and tutorials on Youtube. There are some seriously talented people out there and you'll clearly see that in the videos below. Some of these folks spent nearly all day preparing this makeup! This video was painstakingly put together by youtube user FanzReviews. This costume was done for Halloween and … [Read more...]

Avatar Costumes Expected to Fly

Avatar Costumes Avatar costumes are anticipated to be the most popular costumes for 2010. It is not a surprise, given the powerful storyline of Avatar and amazing digital effects that were used to create the unique look of the Na'vi clan. With Avatar now being the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar movie costumes will fly, and demand is going to be higher than supply. Avatar is a movie based on the American attempt to gather riches from beneath the lifeline of the Na'vi people. To do … [Read more...]

Indiana Jones Costumes to the Rescue


Indiana Jones costumes will leave you the hero at your next costume event! Harrison Ford set the bar for sexy heroes as Indiana Jones, and his character brown jacket and pants with hat are easy to wear for men across the country. Get rugged and tough this year and make women swoon! Harrison Ford first played Indiana Jones on the big screen in the 1981 film The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones has also been played by Sean Patrick Flannery in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, as well as … [Read more...]

Joker Makeup tutorial


If you're going to be tackling the task of becoming the Joker this year then we got the most important, and hardest part figured out. The makeup required to complete the Grand Heritage Joker Costume isn't easy to do at first, but after this tutorial you'll be able to achieve it. Youtube user pnkelifant has a 5 part video series on doing the makeup and we've got it coming to you thanks to Youtube's embedding. I'd highly recommend practicing this before you take it on for Halloween nighty! … [Read more...]

Heath Ledger Fan Tribute For The Joker


The latest Dark Knight movie was one of the most entertaining movies out in a long while, and of course some of the finest acting seen in a long while as well. There hasn't been a whole lot of acting talent shining bright in Hollywood except for the late Heath Ledger. His performance as the Joker was riveting and had me feeling a little uneasy during every scene. We were pleased to see that one of the hottest Halloween Costumes out this year was The Joker Costume. We decided to set out and … [Read more...]

Batman Costumes For the Entire Family

Batman costumes are among the most popular superhero costumes. Since his first introduction in 1939, Batman has adopted the nickname "The Caped Crusader" as he fights crime and defends good. Batman is trained physically for power and mentally for endurance, intelligence, and inner strength. With the success of decades of great comics and an impressive portfolio of movies, including the 2008 release of The Dark Knight, Batman costumes are offered with amazing selection. Batman costumes can be … [Read more...]