US Halloween Parades in Indiana – 2012


This is the best list of all Halloween Parades in Indiana. Look at all the great information on Halloween costume ideas and the best places to bring family, friends, kids and your pet that loves Halloween! Given the state name comes from "Land of the Indians", one would expect many Indian costumes to be present at the numerous Halloween Parades in Indiana and their other celebrations. It is also home to Notre Dame - the fighting Irish - and many US Halloween practices that everyone loves … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Colorado – 2012

Denver's Halloween Zombie Crawl & Halloween Parade

Time to Celebrate! We have the list of Halloween Parades in Colorado, and Colorado has a great number of Halloween events for children, though it may be for two peculiar parades that the state has gained recognition. If you are looking for something wacky to do on this coming Halloween then how about coffin races or the world's largest zombie walk? Zombie Costumes and Coffin Races Denver is looking to set a world record gathering of zombies this year with their 7th annual Eye, Heart and … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Arizona – 2012


Arizona seems to cater to the children and pets for Halloween! Tons of Halloween parades in Arizona are done to cater to a safe experience for kids in Halloween costumes at schools, churches and libraries. Most of the holiday's festivals and parades are done throughout the state in the main city centers. Arizona has great venues for the best in costume, cutest toddler costumes, and parades for the younger children. These events are held in community areas and after the children costume … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Maryland – 2012


Maryland was the home of Edgar Allen Poe, possibly America's greatest horror writer, so one would expect the state to embrace this holiday. Check our full list of Halloween Parades in Maryland and the best costumes that come straight out of the scariest books! Going to one of the events below, think of dusting off one of Edgar Allan's books from school days for inspiration. Mr. Poe  has made his contribution to the setting of the Halloween atmosphere, so think 1800's maybe early 1900's. A … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Minnesota 2012

Anoka The Halloween Parade Capitol of the World

If there is any state in the US where the old pagan spirits that first inspired Halloween are to be found, it would be Minnesota. The state contains some of the oldest rocks on earth. Halloween Parades in Minnesota are more than just a way for the communities to come together. Halloween is a cultural event to so many people that have descended from ancestors that came to America from Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Czechoslovakia, and places with more pagan customs. Many of these customs have … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Washington 2012


The authority on Halloween Parades in Washington! Get ready for an exciting and competitive Halloween season!! Full of great, scary fun and HUGE Zombie events,  Seattle seems to be trying to establish itself as the Zombie capital of the world with events throughout the year. So expect a lot of zombie costumes to be present at all Halloween events thoughout the city and state of Washington. Zombies Hold Convention in Seattle   ZombCon will be held in Seattle, Washington October … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in North Carolina for 2012


North Carolina is a coastal state in the US that includes a number of islands, so pirate costumes are big at the Halloween Parades in North Carolina that are spread throughout the state. There are a couple Halloween parades in North Carolina hosted on actual ships, and one marine park has Count Sharkula, the marine counterpart of Transylvania’s Count Dracula. Halloween Proves More Than Basketball in Triangle Region of North Carolina The home of some of the best basketball teams in the … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Georgia 2012

Georgia Pet's Parade  - Dog Costumes

The best Halloween Parades list for Georgia in 2012 starting with Atlanta's Little Five Points, which hosts one of the major Halloween events outside of New York. Little Five Points embraces a Mardi Gras atmosphere where thousands of people descend in Halloween costumes to enjoy the food, music and parade. Athens, home to the University of Georgia, the state's largest college, hosts another fun and popular Halloween parade that also includes events at various businesses in the city. Halloween … [Read more...]

US Halloween Parades in Michigan 2012


Halloween is a time for fun. We grow up with its association with sweet things and happy times that stay with us long after we stop going door-to-door fillings bags with candy. In Michigan, the public Halloween celebrations are not just limited to children; adults enjoy themselves too, and there are even events for your animals. Everyone gets to dress up in costumes and leave some of their inhibitions behind - Halloween is truly a holiday for everyone. Throughout the state there are … [Read more...]

Ocean Beach Dog Costume Parade

Well I've had my head wrapped around Halloween Costumes for humans, I've forgotten about the hilarious and cute dog costumes out there. Every year in the small town of Ocean Beach, San Diego, there is there annual dog costume parade for Halloween. For such a small quiet beach community the last few annual dog costume parades have seen big turnouts, and here at Mr Costume's we're happy to spread the good word. None of the dog owners matched costumes with their dog, but we'll forgive them just … [Read more...]