Top Ten Movies With Toga Costumes

Toga Costumes in Movies

The popularity of toga costumes go beyond Halloween to movies and Greek college life. With Angela Jolie set to play Cleopatra and the next 300 movie scheduled for a 2014 release, togas could be added to many people's wardrobe as a classic costume. To honor this timelessly popular attire, we have gathered the top ten movies that feature the toga. 10. Ulysses The first of the two Kirk Douglas films that made the list (he made a number of others wearing togas), this movie is the Greek … [Read more...]

Rule in Halloween Greek Goddess Costumes


Sexy Greek Goddess Costume Greek Goddess costumes have a beauty of their own. No other costume can compare to the lovely white gowns, either long and elegant or short and flirty that the Goddesses of the Greek sported for hundreds of years. Greek Goddess costumes take way into the costume world each year with tons of different designs and styles to compliment every woman's body. Either thick and curvy or small and slender, big bottomed girls or large busted women, everyone can find that … [Read more...]

Greek and Roman Costumes

Greek and Roman costumes are seductive and sexy. Greek and Roman costumes give you endless options to choose from such as a Roman soldier, a spartan from the hit movie 300, a Greek goddess, or a gladiator. Greek and Roman togas are also available for the college kids who like to throw wild parties or for the man who wants to rule the lands as Marc Antony or Caesar. Turn your favorite gladiator into a real life character and duke it out till the end, last man standing. Sit on your royal throne, … [Read more...]

Couples Costumes Keep the Action Going

Spartan and Oh My Goddess Couples Costume Idea Couples Costumes can be considered bonding material for many relationships. A recent Squidoo post reads The Couple that Scares Together Stays Together, and magazines across the nation publish articles every month stressing the importance of surprise and role play for couples, whether newly formed or celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Most couples need action, whether it is in rare form or common place. A great means for creating this … [Read more...]