How to Plan the Ultimate Halloween Costume Party


Knowing how to plan the ultimate Halloween costume party helps ensure your night is a success, and guests have a blast! One of the greatest things about a Halloween costume party is that you and your friends get to be someone else for a night. Costumes give you a great excuse to be more wild and crazy or go out in public in something you would never dress in otherwise. There are a few key ingredients to keep in mind when planning a costume party. Where will the party be? You will … [Read more...]

Morphsuit Costumes are “Morph” Fun

festival morphsuits-costumes-cropped

Morph into a better version of you today! Morphsuits are the one-piece spandex body suits that you've seen worn by the pranksters and the extroverts, with full head coverings that cause you to ask, "How do you eat in that??"...among other things. Morphsuits are more than just one-piece, solid color spandex skin suits - they are available in licensed and themed characters including Glow in the dark skeletons, Slender Man, Zombies and, Gorillas  just to name a few. Solid colored … [Read more...]

Shark Night 3D Turns Scary Movie Into Funny Costumes Opportunity

Shark Night 3D PosterShark Night Less Scary Than Anticipated Critics agree that Shark Night 3D has been, overall, a bust in theaters. What was meant to be a scary movie about sharks attacking unsuspecting campers has become more of a joke in the movie industry. Think Snakes on a Plane, but without snakes and Samuel L. Jackson, and you get Shark Night 3D. While some reviewers of the movie state that the rubber sharks are just too fake looking or that the movie was rated at PG-13 and thus … [Read more...]

Make ‘Em Laugh Longer Than the Party with Funny Costumes

Cow costumes - funny on humans Better on dogs?Every time I think back to a Halloween party and the costumes there, I remember the funny ones first. There's a lot you can do with funny costumes, but the idea is to keep your friends laughing even after the party is over. There are three things you need to take into account when picking a funny costume: First, you need to find out if there will be children at the party. If there will be kids running about, you probably don't want something … [Read more...]

10 Best Halloween Costumes

It's finally here - Halloween costume season! While I get to try costumes on all year, learning which costumes feel the softest, include the most accessories, or have the most realistic looking faux suede, most people only think about costumes in October, and only get a single opportunity to dress up and show off. I have personally signed up for Halloween kickball, to attend a costume birthday party, and to hit up the night clubs in the hopes of winning a cash prize for the best costume. I have … [Read more...]

Clown Costumes for Every Joker


Clown costumes scream out for laughter and smiles. Even a sad clown can manage to bring a smile to the face of children at the circus, at the fair, or at the neighbors birthday party. </>Adult Clown Costume Clown costumes for adults let the big kid in all of us come out for a short while without any criticism. You can be mismatched, colorful, dirty, silly, immature, and rambunctious without anyone making a single comment. You'll hear laughter and see smiles everywhere you go in your … [Read more...]

Plus Size Costumes Include Dog the Bounty Hunter


Plus Size Costumes offer most of the same funny and popular themes as their smaller costume counterparts, including characters such as Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. For most people, trying to create a homemade Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could prove quite difficult. The lure of the reality show is mostly based off the unique lifestyle of Dog and his family, and his career choice. Most adults don't have black leather vests and short black mini skirts just hanging in the closet, and … [Read more...]

Funny Costumes Can Be a Shocker

Man Eating Shark Costume Funny Costumes can be a real Shocker! While some funny costumes may be geared towards silly animals, dancing cows, or food like hot dogs and M&Ms, others are designed to cause a shock. Some of the new costumes in the funny category include the Shocker, Beer Pong, Freshman 15, and Anita Waxin'. Such costumes are perfect for college parties, and men and women who are wild at heart. Offering great laugh value, some funny costumes will give party-goers laughs for … [Read more...]