Green M & M Costumes Get Aphrodisiac Hype


Green M&M costumes carry a fun and sexy connotation, with myths surrounding the green candy and its function as an aphrodisiac. Even researched the risque meanings attributed to the green M&M candy in the hopes of discovering the truth. While M&M/Mars claims they have not discovered any extraordinary powers contained within the small green candy, they finally jumped on board by giving their green M&M character luscious lips and bedroom eyes. In 2008, the green … [Read more...]

New Baby Costumes Have Arrived

Piglet Baby Costume MrCostumes has received dozens of new Baby Costumes for 2009, with costumes including the Sock Monkey Ballerina and Cutie Clown costumes. Baby costumes are available in such a great variety it becomes difficult to choose only a few, and as a result, MrCostumes offers over sixty amazing styles in sizes from newborn to 18 months. Once baby graduates to toddler sizes, the offering expands to over one hundred costume choices. It is rare that a baby ever chooses their own … [Read more...]

5 Really Cute Baby Costumes


Good day everyone! As spring is in full swing and with summer just around the corner you typically see a lot of new babies being born. With that in mind, you'll also be seeing a lot of parents celebrating their babies first Halloween. In this day and age you can hardly find a parent that doesn't want to dress up their little one in something cute, and we have the remedy for you. Mr Costumes has a huge selection of baby costumes, and I want to draw your attention to 5 of my favorites. No 1) … [Read more...]