How to Dress in Renaissance Costumes

Renaissance Festival costumes

Renaissance costumes reign in popularity centuries after they were designed, and are as fun to wear as they are easy! So many occasions call for Renaissance clothing, from Renaissance Fair festivities to unique themed weddings to annual Halloween traditions. Men, women, and children always have a variety of fun ideas to choose from, ranging from peasants to royalty to pirates. As you plan your outfit, you may wonder what exactly qualifies as a Renaissance costume. The Renaissance was a … [Read more...]

The Magic of Disney Costumes


Disney Costumes are incredibly popular, and one of the most sought after costumes for Halloween. Unlike other costumes, Disney costumes are typically bought throughout the year, and worn for endless play dates, parties, theatrical productions, and even trips to Disney World. Why are Disney costumes so popular, and how do costumes like Tinker Bell and Cinderella remain some of the best selling costumes, year after year? Disney has such a strong foothold in the costume world, with costumes based … [Read more...]

Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent inspires 2014 Maleficent and Aurora costumes


Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent's point of view. Jolie does an excellent job making you empathize with Maleficent inspite of the curse she creates. Most critics agree that Jolie’s acting makes this movie a worthy re-telling of the original Sleeping Beauty. (Spoiler alert) In the end you learn that Maleficent isn’t as bad you thought. She has a heart and loves Princess Aurora as if she was her own daughter. This new movie … [Read more...]

Tinkerbell Costumes Are Here To Stay


Girls Tinkerbell Costume Tinkerbell costumes are one of Disneys top selling looks of the Halloween season. The lovely little fairy has made her impression on every little girl that's laid eyes on her. Everyone seems to adore the twinkle of the kind hearted fairy and her amazing ability to sprinkle a little dust and boom! It's magic! Tinkerbell costumes make a great look for girls and women this Halloween. Her lovely attire of green with sparkling accents and sensational wings for … [Read more...]

Light Up Costumes Spark the Night


Light up costumes are the newest and greatest in Halloween costumes. Everyone enjoys lighted Halloween decorations, and with a light up costume you are the Halloween decoration! See how much fun trick-or-treating can be! Whether sporting a Glow in the Dark Spiderman costume or a dazzling Twinkle Pumpkin Princess costume, the cool affects of lighted clothes bring costumes to a whole new level. Halloween 2009 brings a great selection of light up Halloween costumes. Even sexy costumes include … [Read more...]

Barbie Thumbelina Costumes and Mariposa for 2009


Barbie costumes have always been a hit with young girls, but with the 2008 movie release of Barbie Mariposa and her butterfly friends, and then the new 2009 release of the well received Barbie Thumbelina, Barbie costumes have moved from a hit to every little girl's dream. Barbie costumes have consistently been well designed, pretty, and always detailed with ribbons, flowers, and other pink. With Barbie transitioning from a plastic doll to vibrant butterflies and fairies, Barbie costumes have … [Read more...]

Fairy Costumes Take Flight with the Help of Pixie Dust


The popularity of Fairy Costumes has increased over the years, with each movie and book released sparking new excitement and mystique. With movies such as Barbie Fairytopia and Thumbelina, fairies attract young girls dreaming of secrets that hide in the sunlight and morning dew. Fairy costumes for kids and toddlers often include shimmer and sparkles, with pretty wings that attach in the back. Colors of soft green, pink, and blue are used in the dresses to reflect the prettiness of the lovely … [Read more...]