How to Plan the Ultimate Halloween Costume Party


Knowing how to plan the ultimate Halloween costume party helps ensure your night is a success, and guests have a blast! One of the greatest things about a Halloween costume party is that you and your friends get to be someone else for a night. Costumes give you a great excuse to be more wild and crazy or go out in public in something you would never dress in otherwise. There are a few key ingredients to keep in mind when planning a costume party. Where will the party be? You will … [Read more...]

Mr. Costumes’ Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

Mr. Costumes is building Halloween costume excitement early with a costume contest offering $1,000’s in prizes! Simply submit your favorite pictures of you or your loved ones in costume, and share with your friends to encourage lots of voting. Each week a winner is selected to receive $100 gift certificate towards, and every entry is qualified to win the grand prize: an Apple iPad! Quick Costume Contest Facts: Upload images from Instagram or your computer in … [Read more...]

Top Couple Costume Ideas

Batman and Catwoman Costumes

Whether you're wearing a new costume this year or re-wearing one of your classic ones, couple costume ideas will give you and your significant other an edge in costume contests. If you don't have a significant other or you wish to go with a group of friends instead, there are still plenty of group costume ideas for the entire assembly. Take popular culture into account this holiday to have the most popular costume at the party, so read over some of our great couple costume ideas and see if … [Read more...]

Great Couples Costumes Shock the Crowds


</>Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costumes Extraordinary couples costume themes make letting every personality shine this Halloween a breeze. Couples costumes bring a pair closer together while letting them show off some of the things they have in common. For example, this Nightmare Before Christmas duo both seemingly have a love for Tim Burton and his distraught work. Sharing this moment not only makes for picture perfect memories, but lets the couple show their personality to the … [Read more...]

Couples Costumes Keep the Action Going

Spartan and Oh My Goddess Couples Costume Idea Couples Costumes can be considered bonding material for many relationships. A recent Squidoo post reads The Couple that Scares Together Stays Together, and magazines across the nation publish articles every month stressing the importance of surprise and role play for couples, whether newly formed or celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Most couples need action, whether it is in rare form or common place. A great means for creating this … [Read more...]

Couples Costumes Make Magic Happen!


Couples Costumes by definition are twice the fun! Playing new and fun characters is always exciting when you have a partner role playing the same game. If you are getting tired of the same old song and dance, then heat up the night and share the magic with friends by throwing a costume party. Costume parties allow adults to let lose and have fun, and dressing in costume will bring out the inner devil in anyone! Everyone can enjoy the off-beat nature of a costume party. Encourage couples to … [Read more...]

Dress Up as a Group this Halloween Season

Are you attending a costume party with a group this year? Instead of scrambling to all come up with your own costume ideas, why not dress up coordinated together. It may seem difficult, but once you pick a theme; it really is easier for everyone to just pick a costume. Following are some ideas for themes that work well for groups: The Wizard of Oz - at a minimum, 4 people should dress up in the parts of the main characters but as many as 10 or more could also be witches, munchkins, or flying … [Read more...]