Scary Clown Costumes Make for a Historically Spooky Halloween

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

  Scary clown costumes are no new invention. Many historians argue that the fear of clowns has permeated culture since clowns first arrived in courts as jesters or in France as mimes. Evidence even points to the first appearance of clowns in Egypt as early as 2400 BC! A fear of clowns is so common that it has its own name. While psychologists think the spread of coulrophobia is a recent fad, many people point to historical roots. Clowns are a wide-spread phenomenon in multiple … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Evil Clowns Pictures

Evil Clown - Red Teams Spine Chiller

Halloween Wars by the Foodnetwork was a sweet night of scary delights! I did a search and found very few pictures. I did find one  so I tried to take a few and I apologize for the quality did a great show on the Foodnetwork. There was not a lot of pictures on their site or the web so I am putting up some of the ones I took for my Halloween inspirations. If you have images you have done that would inspire others looking for  Evil Clowns send them to me, I will add them to this page or comment … [Read more...]

Halloween Wars – Evil Clowns – Episode Guide

Halloween Wars FoodNetwork Logo

Halloween Wars Episodes Guide for Season Two This Sunday begins season two of Halloween Wars on the Food Network.  Tonight's Halloween Wars Episode Guide is on Evil Clowns, which takes 5 teams. Each team has 3 warriors, a master pumpkin carver, culinary baker and professional candy maker. The host will announce a the Halloween theme and any items they must have in the display, and then the challenge begins and the clock starts. Last year the teams had 3 challenges, but by the final round, an … [Read more...]

Top 5 Evil Clowns – Best Killer Clown Costumes

Evil Killer Clowns

We have compiled the best Top 5 Evil Clowns, Top 5 Best Scary Halloween Costumes (with sweet discounts), and the top 10 best Evil Clown Movies all to continue with the Halloween cheer of this year's Halloween Wars Season Two, which features Killer Clowns in the first episode! What would you design for Halloween Wars with the theme Evil Clown? Evil Clown CostumeAt Mr Costumes, we breathe costumes 24/7 and 365 days a year. We embrace the spirit of Halloween in the sense of fun in transforming! … [Read more...]