Halloween Costumes Have Guaranteed Delivery at MrCostumes.com

Halloween costume season is nearing an end, with costumes getting sold out faster than they can ship in. Costume shops across the nation are over crowded as seasonal employees try to run through the stock rooms finding costumes, and kids and parents get upset when the lines for the dressing rooms are too long. All in all, late costume shoppers have it the worst. Selections are limited, workers are tired, and parents are determined to get the last of each available costume in an effort to … [Read more...]

Barbie Thumbelina Costumes and Mariposa for 2009


Barbie costumes have always been a hit with young girls, but with the 2008 movie release of Barbie Mariposa and her butterfly friends, and then the new 2009 release of the well received Barbie Thumbelina, Barbie costumes have moved from a hit to every little girl's dream. Barbie costumes have consistently been well designed, pretty, and always detailed with ribbons, flowers, and other pink. With Barbie transitioning from a plastic doll to vibrant butterflies and fairies, Barbie costumes have … [Read more...]