Adult Costumes at DragonCon

Star Wars Stormtrooper Costumes in ParadeDragonCon's 25th Anniversary This DragonCon most certainly outdid itself as the 25th Anniversary of the convention swept over Atlanta, GA on Labor Day Weekend. From the parade filled with costumes to the casual costumer in the crowd, everyone was enjoying a time to become another character. My Little Pony Mascot CostumesCostumes for All Ages While there were plenty of children in costume at DragonCon, the overwhelming amount of people were … [Read more...]

Top 5 Halloween Costumes

Mr. Costumes has some fresh new designs for you this 2011 costuming year in honor of some of our favorite movies. This year, movie costumes are all the rage, and Mr. Costumes has put together a list of the hot items to make your Halloween spectacular. Check out the Top 5 countdown: #5: Avatar Avatar costumesThough Avatar was released in 2009, it is still the highest grossing 3D movie in Hollywood history. Return to Pandora and be one of the Na’vi with plenty of Avatar costumes to … [Read more...]

10 Best Halloween Costumes

It's finally here - Halloween costume season! While I get to try costumes on all year, learning which costumes feel the softest, include the most accessories, or have the most realistic looking faux suede, most people only think about costumes in October, and only get a single opportunity to dress up and show off. I have personally signed up for Halloween kickball, to attend a costume birthday party, and to hit up the night clubs in the hopes of winning a cash prize for the best costume. I have … [Read more...]

Avatar Special Edition in Theaters on Friday

Avatar fans, here you go! James Cameron's phenomenal film, Avatar, has a special edition that will be in theaters Friday, August 27th. This epic films special release in theaters will include 9 minutes of never before seen scenes. If you loved the film and couldn't get your eyes off the screen, than you better be ready for another round! Opening weekend, Avatar made a whopping $77,025,481 at the office box. With a sensational $2,740,405,721 made worldwide from the film in just the 34 weeks it … [Read more...]

Avatar DVD Release

The Avatar Movie has been the biggest box-office hit we've seen in a long time. The movie was released December 18, 2009 and stayed #1 for many weeks. After falling from the number one spot, Avatar still stayed on the top 5 movie charts for over a month. When Avatar hit theaters, it grossed over 2 billion dollars worldwide. Not to anyone's surprise the DVD release was a smashing hit too. The DVD release of Avatar was April 22, 2010 and has already grossed over $107 million. In the first 4 days, … [Read more...]

Another Amazing Avatar Costume

I've been really admiring the make-up jobs coming out of the Youtube world lately and there is a new one that just blew my mind. Youtube user Kenandelina made a really cool video of her transformation from normal girl to an Avatar alien. If you learn to do some of this makeup in time for Halloween, you'll be able to pair that with our Avatar costumes for an amazing complete outfit. Related Avatar Links: - Avatar Costumes Are going To Be Hot This Year via Mr Costumes - Avatar Costume … [Read more...]

Stunning Home Made Avatar Makeup


Most of you are aware that Mr Costumes has got the latest and greatest Avatar Costumes in stock recently. The tricky part is doing the makeup but luckily I found a whole bunch of amazing examples and tutorials on Youtube. There are some seriously talented people out there and you'll clearly see that in the videos below. Some of these folks spent nearly all day preparing this makeup! This video was painstakingly put together by youtube user FanzReviews. This costume was done for Halloween and … [Read more...]

Avatar Costumes Expected to Fly

Avatar Costumes Avatar costumes are anticipated to be the most popular costumes for 2010. It is not a surprise, given the powerful storyline of Avatar and amazing digital effects that were used to create the unique look of the Na'vi clan. With Avatar now being the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar movie costumes will fly, and demand is going to be higher than supply. Avatar is a movie based on the American attempt to gather riches from beneath the lifeline of the Na'vi people. To do … [Read more...]