The Great Gatsby Inspires Flapper Costumes

The Rise in Flapper Costumes

Flapper costumes are making a major comeback this year. Fueled by the popularity of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Great Gatsby, expect to see females of all ages dancing in dresses from the era of affluence at this year's Halloween parties. The Rising Popularity of Flapper Costumes Fashion runways have seen many noted designers using the era as inspiration for their dresses this year. This has carried over to planned costume selections for this year's Halloween. Both men and women will … [Read more...]

1920s Costumes Include Gangster Girls and Flapper Dresses


1920's costumes are as hot as ever, and celebrate the romanticized era of the roaring 20s. From prohibition and speakeasies to automobiles and radios, the roaring 20s marked a pivotal generation of consumerism, excitement, luxury, and discontinuity. Prohibition gave way to organized crime and later the Italian mafia and other gang outfits. Gangster costumes are designed after the gangsters of the 20's, with pinstripes and fedoras. Sexy gangster costumes give a heart stopping sexy twist to a … [Read more...]