Stunning Home Made Avatar Makeup

Most of you are aware that Mr Costumes has got the latest and greatest Avatar Costumes in stock recently. The tricky part is doing the makeup but luckily I found a whole bunch of amazing examples and tutorials on Youtube. There are some seriously talented people out there and you’ll clearly see that in the videos below. Some of these folks spent nearly all day preparing this makeup!

This video was painstakingly put together by youtube user FanzReviews. This costume was done for Halloween and he even converted a Nerf gun into a replica from the movie. This kid is on his way to a fun career in the movie industry no doubt, and we can’t wait to see what he does next season.

Youtube user dope2111 was, in my opinion, the best female makeup job I saw throughout my browsing. She doesn’t go into too much detail on how she did it all, but she did say it wasn’t too hard to do. The next Youtube user I have on the list was kind enough to show everyone how to do the makeup step by step.

This video shows you how to do the makeup with certain makeup. This video by Youtube user weepingangel1230 is sped up so you can see the entire process in just about seven minutes. There are other videos on Youtube if you prefer to hunt one down that isn’t sped up like this video tutorial.

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