St Patricks Day Costumes: The Good Luck Charm to Fun Parties

St Patricks Day Party CostumesSt Patricks Day Costumes at Block Party

This year St Patricks day is happening on a Saturday. Whether you are going to a parade, a festival or having a local house party, part of the fun is dressing up in St Patricks Day costumes and seeing what everyone else wears. Beer, food and music are guaranteed to be at any St Patricks event, but I am dressing up and heading to Buckhead, GA for the 16th Annual Outdoor St Patrick’s Day Festival, sponsored by Fado Irish Pub. Day event, Irish dancers and bagpipers will fill the parade starting at noon, and the best U2 cover band in the world, Desire will be there! So, this year, instead of waiting until the last minute and grabbing an old, green shirt from the closet, plan ahead and decide which event you will be attending, and which sexy green costume you will wear. With so many different designs of St Patricks Day costumesavailable, you are sure to be unique and bring fun to the celebration.

Beer Girl CostumeSt Patricks Day Costume, Gretchen at Local Pub

There is no limit to gaudiness or fashion on St Patricks Day. Women can wear a St Patricks day costume with frilly bows sown on the dress, puffy sleeves and lucky shamrocks as part of the design. Great practical Irish accessories would be a beer mug, a pot of gold purse or a green magic wand. White thigh highs with green bows complement the dresses well and give the St Patricks Day outfit added sexiness. The lucky charm costume with green ribbon laced up the corset, a cute apron, and a short, brimmed hat is sure to charm all the other leprechauns at the party. Still sexy in style, the Gretchen Beer girl costume is fitting for the holiday with its accents in green, but also has hints of pink to give a feminine look. A girl wearing this costume should wear her hair in low pigtails with pink and green ribbons tied on each side. With so many different designs of St Patricks Day costumes for women, girlfriends can go to parties together, with each girl wearing her own favorite outfit.

St. Patrick s Day LeprechaunsSt. Patrick s Day Leprechauns Following the Rainbow Together

Men can come to the St Patricks Day party looking festive as well. Men looking to be humorous can be St. Patrick s day leprechauns by wearing bulky green hats and beards. The St Patrick s day leprechaun has been a tradition in Ireland passed down many generations, symbolizing good fortune, thriftiness, hard work, and enough cleverness to hold on to the treasure. Men looking to be on the sexier side can wear suits with the sleeves cut off to show the muscles and green bow ties. Of course, expressions such as “Spank me, I’m Irish!” or “Kiss me! I’m Irish!” are not only allowed on this day, but are highly encouraged.

Wearing costumes for St Patricks Day makes the holiday more fun for everyone. Go in full character and costume and see if your picture winds up in the newspaper or a newsletter. Groups dressed up together will definitely get more attention and make more laughs. Costumes flaunting green shamrocks will guarantee you only get flirty pinches, not the painful ones! Flaunt it in green with your St Patricks Day costume and see how much good luck will come your way.

Popular sexy Irish costumes for St Paddys Day:

St Patricks Day CostumeSt Patricks Day Lucky Charm Irish Costume
St Patricks Day CostumeGretchen Sexy Beer Girl Costume