Sexy Costumes Make the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

It’s true. Sexy costumes really do make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men. Men really do not care much about a new tie, socks or movie tickets. They just want to be with their women and only hope for a fiery, hot night. With so many fetishes and desires, ideas of sexy costumes for Valentine’s Day are unlimited. Imagine the fantasies you can inspire in your man’s mind.

1. Sexy School Girl Costume as a Valentine’s Day Thank You

School girl outfits please every man’s fantasy. There is something irresistible about a young, hot girl who is incredibly smart but keeps getting in trouble because of her naughty behavior. A man is sure to do his part in making reservations, buying chocolates and flowers if he knows the school girl costume is how you will show your appreciation for making Valentine’s Day special. On February 14, as soon as your man walks in the door from work, be standing in the room posed in your tantalizing school girl skirt. Tie your hair tightly back, put on your heels and glasses to finish the sexy costume. Give your man the role as principal, pretending you were sent to the principal’s office for flirting too much with the boys in the classroom. It is now up to the principal to decide how he will punish you. School girl costumes inspire fantasies worth fulfilling, so just loosen up and go with the flow…just don’t miss those dinner reservations!

2. Serve Him Valentine’s Day Dinner in a Hot French Maid Costume

Cooking a dish for your man on Valentine’s Day is both thoughtful and loving, and wearing a French Maid costume while doing it adds the spiciness needed for the night. Cook up a meal you know he loves like Italian lasagna, pasta or steak. If you have not mastered your chef skills yet, order takeout from his favorite restaurant and serve the food on plates at home, with lit candles on the table. Get everything for him including his silverware, drink and napkin. Play the role of a sexy French maid for one night to make him feel like royalty being served. Make sure to get the feather duster to tickle and please during dessert. Wear black and white ruffled panties under the dress for an eye pleasing surprise when the dress comes off.

3. Queen of Hearts Rules Valentine in the Bedroom

Wear a sexy, red Queen of Hearts costume for your man this Valentine’s Day, complete with stockings, heels and a heart-shaped magic wand. Explain to him that with that wand, you can make anything happen. Keep the lights low and catch his attention with a Queen of Hearts costume that lights up to create even more of a show. Not only are you the Queen, but he is the King, worthy of being honored and served. The Queen of Hearts costume lets you turn the tables, being the one responsible for plans and entertainment for the night. Trust me, this idea will prove you to be a better event planner than he ever expected. Queen of Hearts costumes are always decked out with red heart shapes which make them really appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Tease him a little extra by layering the costume with a lacy petticoat underneath the dress. Queen of Hearts costumes are even available in plus size, so that any woman can show their man a good time on this special day of love.

The school girl, French maid and Queen of Hearts all make great dress up ideas for Valentine’s Day and there are even more sexy costumes you could go with, depending on your guy. If he loves comics, dress as Cat Woman or Batgirl. You could not please a Star Wars fan more than dressing up at Princess Leia! If he is into sports, dress as a sexy football player or cheerleader. Just choose a costume that promises a present is waiting, and have the sexiest Valentine’s night he could ever dream of.