Scary Clown Costumes Make for a Historically Spooky Halloween

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial


John Wayne Gacy the Killer Clown

John Wayne Gacy the Killer Clown

Scary clown costumes are no new invention. Many historians argue that the fear of clowns has permeated culture since clowns first arrived in courts as jesters or in France as mimes. Evidence even points to the first appearance of clowns in Egypt as early as 2400 BC!

A fear of clowns is so common that it has its own name. While psychologists think the spread of coulrophobia is a recent fad, many people point to historical roots. Clowns are a wide-spread phenomenon in multiple cultures and languages, spreading through continents and people groups. The evil clown, then, seems like a perfectly understandable archetype.

The Fear of the Evil Clown

Psychologist argue two main reasons as to why people fear clowns. First, that a traumatic event with a clown in childhood creates a life lasting fear. Children themselves are argued to fear clowns due to their exaggerated features, leading the mind to recall deformations or monstrous characteristics.

The second reason people fear clowns, according to research, is the propagating of negative clown stereotypes in the media with news stories about killer clowns like John Wayne Gacy or the demonic clown from Stephen King’s story It. These images have become such a part of our culture that clowns, even the smiling ones, are seen as people with no real faces, jokesters willing to play all sorts of demented tricks. That thought alone gives them an edge that other scary costumes do not have.

The Evil Clown Urban Legend

Even if you don’t think you’re scared of clowns, there are chilling urban legends that will bring even the most hardened haunt visitor to his knees. See if you can read this urban legend without shuddering.

Evil Clown Makeup

Evil Clown Makeup

A teen is babysitting for a wealthy family with a very large house. The parents plan for a dinner out and a late movie, leaving the babysitter at home with the children for many hours. The parents instruct the babysitter that after putting the children to bed, she can wait downstairs and watch television.

The entire night goes well. The children eat their food, take their baths, and go to bed without complaint. The children have many toys, though none so disturbing as a clown statue in the corner of their room. The babysitter is unnerved by the statue, but says nothing.

After the kids are asleep, she watches TV until the parents arrive home. She is happy to receive payment for a job well done. The mother whisks away upstairs to check on the children while the father asks about the night. She tells them that the children were perfect angels.

“There was only one thing that bothered me,” the girl says. “The clown statue in their room is quite scary for children. Do you think it would be best to keep it away from them until they are older?”

The father stiffens. His eyes have a look of terror in them. “We don’t have a clown statue,” he says.

How to Do Evil Clown Makeup

Becoming a scary clown is as easy as purchasing a makeup kit and following a few instructions. See this great video below for a quick tutorial on how to look like an evil clown with face paint.

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