Renaissance Costumes Take Center Stage at Festivals

Renaissance Fair Costumes

Renaissance Festival Costumes

Renaissance Costumes keep Renaissance Festivals exciting and popular. Year after year Renaissance Festivals across the country bring in hoards of people excited to see the reenactments of life during medieval and Renaissance periods. Renaissance costumes are worn by performers and attendees alike, as swordplay, jousting, dancing, and singing take place all around. Costumes keep everyone involved and playing their part, and entertainment and authenticity are vital to the festival’s role as a living history museum. The interaction visitors have with the performers, combined with the education that is received while eating, drinking, and being merry, have all contributed to the wide popularity of the Renaissance Festival.

Renaissance Festivals take place anywhere from early summer to late fall, with the biggest Renaissance Faire being the Texas Renaissance Festival held in October and November. These festivals are a celebration of the traditions of Springtime and Midsummer, and acts are highly choreographed and rehearsed. All performers are well studied in the history of life during the time period that is of focus, with some festivals portraying periods as far back as the Vikings, or as recent as pirates in the 1700s. All visitors are encouraged to dress in costume to add to the spirit of the fair, and to increase their own involvement and enjoyment.

This year, if you have never been to a Renaissance Festival, consider visiting a festival in your area. Renaissance Festivals typically last for a long period of time, with live events everyone can join in. Stay a day or plan a camping weekend full of Renaissance Faire festivities. Pick a costume for everyone in the family, from baby costumes to adult. Fun Renaissance Costumes include Robin Hood, Prince Caspian, Friar Tuck, Fortune Teller, Renaissance Princesses or Queens, Tavern Girls, the Court Jester, Pirates, and even the Viking Warrior and Viking Princess costumes.

Robin Hood (Drew Leary) and Maid Marian Fitzwalter (Kelly Kilcoyne) at the NY Renaissance Faire
The Merry Band Retreats at the Renaissance Festival


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