Halloween Makeup Tips: Disney Princess Costume

Princess Jasmine Disney Princess Makeup Tutorial

Princess Jasmine Disney Princess Makeup Tutorial

Costume Make Up: Disney Princess

Disney princesses are pure and beautiful with clear skin and bright, shimmering eyes. This look is great to complement any princess costume, and also looks perfect with anything sweet and soft. Fake eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, shimmering eye shadows, and a soft blush is perfect for a Disney princess, and these items can all be found at 24-hour drug stores or Walmart so that you can dress up any costume you may wear.

Disney Princess Makeup Instruction Video

Promise Phan, sister to Michelle Phan who taught us how to become a gothic doll, does many Halloween inspired makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel. When she’s not teaching how to become a Na’vi from Avatar or Mystique from X-Men, she spends her time becoming a princess. Her Barbie make up tutorial would also work great for a princess theme.

Follow along with the video and use Promise’s costume make up tips to become a Disney princess like her. While Promise shows us specifically the make up she used for her Princess Jasmine costume, this look would work well for all Disney princesses.

Learn more about makeup on Promise’s Youtube channel, and while you’re there, watch many more make up tutorials online to give yourself a good idea of how to spruce up your costume for the holiday. Even last minute costumes can benefit from these Halloween makeup tips!