Plus Size Costumes That Flatter

Plus size costumes come in a large selection of styles and characters, allowing people of every size to have an awesome costume for Halloween. Curvy women can bare it all as a sexy Robyn Hood or Boxer Girl, or choose to dress modestly as a vampire or Renaissance maiden. Men can dress as The Joker or Batman, as well as cut loose and have fun as Oktoberfest Guy or Jack Skellington. This year Watchmen costumes are big, and available as plus size costumes. The King and Queen of Hearts are a great plus size couples costume idea.

plus size boxer costume
plus size watchmen costumes
sexy plus size costume

The availability of plus size costumes at is unbeatable. Almost every plus size costume can be found in standard sizes as well, so couples, friends, and groups can all choose to dress alike regardless of size. A great costume makes a big expression, so make sure you don’t settle for DIY costumes or poorly fitting costumes. Of course, you can also always choose to not dress in a costume that flatters, like these folks did:

flickr pics
flickr pics

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