Plus Size Costumes Offer Historic Designs

Mystic Sorcerer Plus Size CostumeMystic Sorcerer

Plus Size Costumes are bringing history to life! This year, attend the royal ball as a member of the court or as a commoner, or choose to pillage ships for gold, and grab your maiden on the way!

Royal costumes in sizes from 1XL – 3X/4X include the King and Queen of Hearts, the Enchanted Princess and Prince Charming, Greek Goddesses, and the Viking Princess. Showing allegiance and serving their duty are the Viking Warrior and Mystic Sorcerer, and celebrating the lives of the commoners are Robyn da Hood, and Oktoberfest Guy and Girl. Time travel is fun with a great costume selection, and historic costumes continue with pirates, fortune tellers, Renaissance maidens and more! Sexy vampire costumes promise for dangerous rendezvous, and the Gamblin’ Man and Burlesque Babe kick up their heels for some high-flyin’ action!

Avoid stale costume themes this year, and choose to dress in a fun and vibrant plus size costume from Mr. Costumes! The selection has increased for 2009 to include over 73 costumes, with themes ranging from historic to couples, and quality and designs that will please and impress. Don’t ever let a costume opportunity pass by – dressing in costume is a fun and uplifting experience that should be enjoyed as often as possible!

Miss Oktoberfest Plus Size CostumeMiss Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Guy Plus Size CostumeOktoberfest Guy
Prince Charming Plus Size CostumePrince Charming
Plus Size Enchanted Princess CostumeEnchanted Princess
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