Plus Size Costumes Include Dog the Bounty Hunter

Plus Size Costumes offer most of the same funny and popular themes as their smaller costume counterparts, including characters such as Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. For most people, trying to create a homemade Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could prove quite difficult. The lure of the reality show is mostly based off the unique lifestyle of Dog and his family, and his career choice. Most adults don’t have black leather vests and short black mini skirts just hanging in the closet, and blonde hair doesn’t grow to such long lengths in the corporate world.

Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter plus size costumes offer an opportunity to dress like a bounty hunter – a position often considered above the law. Costumes include wigs, sunglasses, badges and clothing. Have fun dressed as a the voluptuous couple, or chase the fugitives on your own this year!

Still not sold on a Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter costume idea? Check out pics we found across the Internet of the real bounty hunters, as well as their costumed fans. Can you tell which are the real Bath and Dog?

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