NYC Cancels Halloween Parade

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - 2007

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade - 2007

NYC Halloween Parade Canceled!

New York City has survived Hurricane Sandy, but the damages are still being calculated. It’s official that Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm, Hurricandy was “The worst natural disaster to hit New York City’s transit systems, in their entire 108-year history” MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota. The hurricane flooded the subway tunnels with corrosive salt water, debris and electrical work is still being done. The transit system is the priority and the quicker it is up and working the quicker we can get more people in and have NYC back on track.  As Governor Andrew M. Cuomo reports that on Thursday morning, there will be limited subway service on several routes. Which could only be accomplished by round the clock workers, volunteers and the thousands of professionals that dispatched before Sandy hit.

NYC Cancels Halloween Parade – Rescheduling

With all that has happen and due to the transportation system, the manpower needed to expedite and restore electricity, gas, clean up the mess, and other safety concerns with the aftermath of the devastating storm surges of Hurricane Sand,  NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Office’s of Emergency Management and the NYPD it has been confirmed that Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has been CANCELLED.

Halloween Parade in New York at Greenwich Village

Halloween Parade in New York at Greenwich Village

The NYC Halloween Parade official website asked that of the volunteers for the Halloween Parade please volunteer but instead at one of the Emergency Outreach Centers nearest them. We are still waiting for an update on when they will reschedule. We are told it will be next week. 50-60,000 people were expected, several featured happenings, and surprises for this years theme of “Tick Tock” On NYC Halloween Parade’s official Facebook Fan page we found out that the Giant Spider has been given the okay to cone back after a 3 year hiatus. Over 40 bands and tens of thousands of costumes participants.

It is still too early to say how long it will take to get NYC back to normal but I am impressed with NYC Halloween Parades with true NYC spirit they don’t show it, they asked their volunteers and supporter to be proactive and regardless when they do have the Parade it will be a day to celebrate!!

If you are seeking the US official List of Halloween Parades  or search the largest database of Halloween Parades by city or state 


Below is a video on the last time the Giant Spider appeared:


Other Cancelled Halloween Parades:

Borough, Pa – Announced they had to cancelled  the annual Borough’s Halloween parade. Scheduled for Tuesday night and it will not be rescheduled.

BEDFORD, N.Y. – Bedford’s annual Halloween parade scheduled for Wednesday has been canceled because of the dangerous conditions arising from Hurricane Sandy, according to the Bedford Police.

Heidi Klum Cancels her Annual Halloween party as reported by People magazine.

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