New Baby Costumes Have Arrived

Piglet Baby CostumePiglet Baby Costume

MrCostumes has received dozens of new Baby Costumes for 2009, with costumes including the Sock Monkey Ballerina and Cutie Clown costumes. Baby costumes are available in such a great variety it becomes difficult to choose only a few, and as a result, MrCostumes offers over sixty amazing styles in sizes from newborn to 18 months. Once baby graduates to toddler sizes, the offering expands to over one hundred costume choices.

It is rare that a baby ever chooses their own costume, so parents, aunts, and grandparents can be happy to know that they can dress their favorite infants in any costumes they want. Some newborns are just destined to be the next superhero, so show your support with Batman, Superman, or the Hulk. If your baby is animal friendly and you feel confident that you need to start saving for veterinary school, then cuddly animal costumes may be the route you want to take. Animal costumes are quite popular, and the selection includes puppies, pandas, ladybugs, a guppy, and even Piglet. Puny Pirate and Le Vampire costumes disguise your artistic and independent infant as a tiny villain, and the Pumpkin and Banana make great bunting costumes for those little ones who need to be wrapped tightly for cool evenings.

Enjoy shopping through the new selection of Baby Costumes at MrCostumes!

Banana Baby CostumeBanana Baby Costume
Superman Baby CostumeSuperman Baby Costume
Puny Pirate Baby CostumePuny Pirate Baby Costume
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