Must See Harley Quinn Costumes and Dresses

Love sure can make a girl do some crazy things…

For Harley Quinn, love led to a slow descent into madness, corruption and a life of crime. Formerly Harleen Quinzel, the bubbly yet psychotic charmer spiraled out of control from a career as a rising psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to dressing in a harlequin costume, utilizing comical but effective weaponry and reaching super-villain status, all to please her “Mr. J”, her “Puddin,’” the one and only, Joker.


Harleen Quinzel fell in love with the Joker’s warped sense of humor while she was assigned to his case at Arkham Asylum. This infatuation and her assistance in his escape from the Asylum led to the “Harley Quinn” costume and persona adapted from the original harlequin clown. Harley Quinn’s signature colors of red, black and white have been replaced by bolder variations in recent Batman video games and her character seems to be taking on a whole new look in the much anticipated Suicide Squad movie, set to premiere August 5, 2016. Although her costume design is changing as the comic books, movies and games evolve, the iconic diamond pattern design is always present. Harley Quinn dresses and Harlequin ensembles are widely popular as Halloween costumes for women partly due to the range of colors and designs available as well as the ability to create an explosively villainous couples costume when paired with the Joker! If you’re looking to embrace one of these personas this Halloween, we’ve created a list of some of the most iconic Harley Quinn costumes as well as some playful and sexy Harlequin costume ideas as well!

So, only one question remains, will you descent into madness this year?

Harley Quinn’s Most Iconic Costumes


costumes worn by harley quinn

Harley Quinn’s First Appearance in the 1990’s Batman Animated Series

harley quinn costumes

2009 Arkham Asylum Game Harley Quinn Costume


Harley Quinn Costumes

2011 Arkham City Game Harley Quinn Costume


harley quinn dresses

2015 Arkham Knight Game Harley Quinn Costume


Harlequin Costumes – The Origin of Harley Quinn

To fully appreciate Harley Quinn’s costume design you must first understand the root of her character. The Harlequin character first appeared in 16th century French theater and was portrayed as a light hearted trickster dressed in a checkered costume. By the 17th century, the Harlequin persona had made it’s way to theaters in England to be portrayed as a more romantic character and was routinely paired with mischievous Clowns as their sophisticated counterpart. This pairing is what inspires Harley Quinn’s jester like appearance and trickster nature as well as the design of modern Harlequin costume variations. As you can see in the Harlequin dresses and costumes shown below, the colors and styles may change, but the checkered pattern and playful clown like design is always present!

harlequin clown costumes

Sexy Circus Clown Harlequin Costume

Harlequin Costumes

Harlequin Holly Dress













Harlequin Costumes

Gothic Venetian Harlequin Dress

Harlequin Costume

Sweetheart Harlequin Costume

Harlequin Costumes

Harlequin Jester Clown Costume













Harlequin Clown Costume

Cute Red and Black Harlequin Clown Costume

Harlequin Costumes

Sexy Jester Clown Costume

Harlequin Costumes

Mardi Gras Harlequin Costume














So what will it be this Halloween? Will you be the bubbly trickster, Harley Quinn? Or a more sophisticated prankster, Harlequin?

Bubbly Trickster? Harley Quinn All The Way!
Romantic and Mischievous? Definitely, Harlequin for me!

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