Modern Day Princess Costumes Turn Girls into Warriors

Previously women’s leading roles in most fairy tales was passive. Women just sat back looked pretty and waited to be rescued by a handsome prince or some other man. Today female leads take more active roles in these stories. Their characters are more developed and they do not wait to be rescued. They fight or become more involved in action. They save themselves and sometimes their male companion too. These new fairy tale costumes reflect their more active roles. Below we will look at some of these new leading ladies and their costumes.

Snow White and Huntsman (2012)

Fighting Snow White

In this movie Snow White fights. She does not spend all of her time in the woods singing with dwarfs like she does in the original Disney movie. It is Snow White that kills the Evil Queen in this movie and not the Huntsman or a prince. Modern day princess costumes for Snow White associated with this movie are warrior costumes that consist of a short tunic and a boots.

Snow White Warrior Costume

This costume reflects the new Snow White who needs to be able to run through the woods and fight.

Maleficent (2014)

Princess Aurora

In this new version of Sleeping Beauty the focus is on the evil fairy Maleficent not and Princess Aurora. However, Aurora does play a larger role in this new film. She still pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, but it is not a prince that wakes her. It is Maleficent. Later Aurora helps Maleficent defeat evil King Stefan by releasing Maleficent’s wings. Unlike in the original fairytale, Aurora does not marry a prince at the end of the movie.

Princess Aurora Coronation Kids Costume

The New Aurora Costumes are shorter and easier for little girls to play in than the costumes from the original movie.

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Red Riding Hood

Valerie is Red Riding Hood in this new film version of the original fairy tale. Instead of merely discovering that wolf killed and ate her grandmother, she ultimately kills the wolf who is a werewolf. Note the blood around her cape in the picture above. Peter, the woodcutter, fights the wolf with Valerie, but he does not rescue her. She saves him by killing the wolf. The Red Riding Hood Costumes for girls are traditional red and white dresses with red hoods. However, the adult costumes are shorter and sexier.

Sexy Little Red Ridding Hood Costume

Perhaps this reflects Red Riding Hood’s more dominant role in this new movie.

Frozen (2013)

Princesses Elsa and Anna

In Disney’s newest princess movie neither Elsa nor Anna are traditional princesses. Elsa struggles to hide her ability to freeze everything she touches. Finally she learns to be herself and embrace her gift, setting a positive message for all young girls watching. Her sister, Anna, does not wait for Elsa to return after she runs away. Instead she sets out on a quest to find her and bring back home. The handsome prince who wants to marry Anna is only after her kingdom. He does not want to save her; her wants her dead. Neither princess marries at the end of the movie. Both princesses save themselves by learning what they really want and doing what makes them happy.

Disney Frozen Anna Kids Costume

Like many of the other new princess costumes, the Elsa and Anna Costumes are more comfortable and easy to play in.

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Tiana and Her Prince

In this movie the leading lady, Tiana, is not a princess in the beginning of the film. She is a waitress in New Orleans dreaming of owning her own restaurant. She is also the first African American Disney animated heroine. In the traditional Frog Prince fairytale, a princess kisses a frog who turns into a prince, but in this updated version Tiana is turned into a frog in when she kisses Prince Naveen who is a frog. He is a frog because of a voodoo curse. Tiana and Naveen fall in love and marry each other as frogs. Tiana becomes a princess through marriage and breaks the curse on both of them by kissing Naveen. Like other modern princesses, Tiana saves herself instead of waiting for her prince to rescue her.

Princess Tiana Kids Costume

Tiana Costumes consist of a short green dress and easier are to play in than traditional princess costumes.

Which of these characters is your favorite heroine? Who will you dress up as this Halloween?