Light Up Costumes Spark the Night

Light up costumes are the newest and greatest in Halloween costumes. Everyone enjoys lighted Halloween decorations, and with a light up costume you are the Halloween decoration! See how much fun trick-or-treating can be! Whether sporting a Glow in the Dark Spiderman costume or a dazzling Twinkle Pumpkin Princess costume, the cool affects of lighted clothes bring costumes to a whole new level.

Halloween 2009 brings a great selection of light up Halloween costumes. Even sexy costumes include lights this year, with Dreamgirl’s Miss Bee-De-LIGHT-Ful and True Blue Fairy skirts lit with fiber optic lighting.

Twinkle Pumpkin Princess Kids CostumeTwinkle Pumpkin Princess Kids Costume
Tinkerbell Twinkles Kids CostumeTinkerbell Twinkles Kids Costume
Liteup Fairy Kids CostumeLiteup Fairy Kids Costume
Iron Man Light Up Muscle Chest Kids CostumeIron Man Light Up Muscle Chest Kids Costume
Miss Bee De-LIGHT-Ful Sexy CostumeMiss Bee De-LIGHT-Ful Sexy Costume
Light Up Dorothy Wizard of Oz CostumeSecret Wishes Light Up Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume
Renaissance Twinkle Queen Kids CostumeRenaissance Twinkle Queen Kids Costume
SpiderMan Glow in the Dark Kids CostumeSpiderMan Glow in the Dark Kids Costume
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