John Carpenter Doing Dracula Remake

Dracula will be returning to theaters within the next couple of years, and a surprising round up of John Carpenter and Hillary Swank are on board. I imagine Hollywood thinks that we could all do with one more version. Why you ask? Well, it seems that we’ll keep coming back for more and more, and I’d without a doubt will sit down for this one. I just recently watched John’s “The Thing“, and remember freshly in my mind just what he can do. Sadly, I don’t think Kurt Russell will be in this one.

Mr Carpenter’s movies of the horror genre usually get slotted for Halloween, so I’d expect this one to hit us around Halloween of 2012. IMDB has yet to even get a page up on it, so the details of the project are still way too early to tell. I do wonder who they’re going to pick for Dracula…can anyone predict who might be it?

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