Halloween Safety: Ghosts and Goblins Are Out – Are You Ready?

There is hardly a soul on earth who doesn’t enjoy Halloween! Halloween can be one of the most fun nights of the whole year, and there is no greater feeling than seeing your child all dressed up in their costumes . Whether you enjoy getting all dressed up for a costume party, going trick or treating with the kids or staying at home passing out candy to little vampires and faires, there is one thought that should always be in your mind – Safety. The sheer emotion and thrill of getting that bag full of candy or seeing who is best dressed sometimes pushes safety to the back of our minds. We at Mr. Costumes would like for your next Halloween to be filled with good memories, so we have come up with a few tips to help make that happen.

Halloween safety = Halloween fun!

Going Trick or Treating

  • Children should not wear flimsy shoes, flip flops or high heels. Instead they should wear shoes that are sturdy and fit well
  • Avoid small dangling parts and choking hazards on costumes, especially on small children
  • Be sure nothing is too tight as to cut off circulation (rubber bands, ace bandages, etc.)
  • Use only makeup products on skin and hair. Paint, glue, markers, etc are not acceptable substitutes! All makeup sold in the USA must meet federal safety and purity standards.
  • If you are doing elaborate makeup on young children, work in front of a mirror so they can see the transformation as it occurs and aren’t scared of the end result
  • Test new products on a small area on the inside of the arm a few days before Halloween. Latex and adhesive allergies are something to be aware of

Teach trick-or-treaters Halloween candy safety

Halloween Tips for Adults

  • If your child is old enough to go out with a group, always make sure that you know where your child will be and the route they will be taking
  • Set a time for your kids to be home
  • Let your child know that even though it is Halloween, safety rules still apply
  • Make sure that your child knows all emergency numbers, such as 9-1-1 and their own telephone number
  • Teach your child that not all tricks are suitable during trick-or-treating

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Own Home

Front door illuminated with Halloween lights

  • Remove all obstacles away from the paths of your yard, steps and stoops or any place that children might walk
  • Try a pumpkin carving kit instead of regular knives for added protection
  • Inspect all decorations for insecure connections, frayed wires or broken sockets
  • Try putting battery operated candles in your windows and carved pumpkins to keep them from catching fire
  • Know the amount of amps you are plugging in together so you can be sure as to not overload your breaker or extension cords

Keep these tips in mind while you are out having fun this Halloween.

Trick or Treat!