Halloween Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes are favored by everyone of all ages. Pirates are introduced to us at an early age and stay with us for life. Pirate costumes make for the best memories and capture some of the best pictures. Like us, pirates have a code of conduct that they have to follow, breaking the rules will end with a severe punishment. Stay true to their codes and live forever at seas as a pirate.

Baby Pirate

Pirate costumes bring great imagination to children. Your child will spend countless hours in costume, having sword fights, and running around screaming argh! Your child will be showing off their creativity as they scout through the house looking for the perfect pirate scene. Start planning your next pirate party, whether it’s for Halloween or anytime fun.

Pirate Girl Costume
Boys Pirate Costume

Adults enjoy the infamous pirates as well. Pirate costumes for adults offer an endless selection and available in all sizes. Choose from a modern to rustic pirate. Have you and your lil’ lady pair up as Captain Jack Sparrow and his lady Elizabeth, while making a grand entrance into the party.

Pirate costumes are very entertaining for children and adults as well as pets. Pets are very important in our lives and are considered family. Don’t forget about your four legged friend or your fuzzy fur-ball. Have your pet decked out in a pirate costume too. It’ll make for one heck of a night!

Pet Pirate
Doggie Pirate Costume

Accessorize all your your favorite costume with an eye patch, earring, and sword.