Halloween Office Party Ideas with Mr. Costumes

Halloween Costume Day
Having a Halloween office party offers a unique opportunity for team building. From dressing up in costume to bringing in a bag of candy to share, everyone can get involved during a holiday and get to know co-workers better. Here are some Halloween office party ideas that are great for the work place:

Halloween Office Party Ideas

  • Hold a costume contest
  • Have a bake-off with Halloween recipes, judging for looks and taste
  • Carve pumpkins and light them with battery operated lights
  • Bring in candy and trick-or-treat at desks
  • Decorate break rooms in spooky Halloween decorations
  • Have an after-work social or dinner

Mr. Costumes’ Annual Halloween Office Party

We at Mr. Costumes really do¬†love Halloween, so of course we have a Halloween office party. Halloween costumes are just part of the fun, and we also have cook offs, share candy, and gather – in costume – after work to socialize at a nearby, delicious restaurant. We call this annual event “Costume Day” and spend the day working (and playing) in costumes of our own choosing.

Here are some of the great costumes we’ve seen at work:

Batgirl Costume

Batgirl helped to protect Mr. Costumes City

Brady Bunch Costume

Mike Brady took a retro 70's pose mid-sentence

Ghostbusters Costume

Who did you call on Costume Day? Ghostbusters!

80s Funny Costume

Rapping out the day in an 80s funny Costume

Flintstones Funny Costume

Flintstones - Back to work!

Pirate Costume

Talk like a pirate in pirate costumes

Jewish Priest Costume

Jewish Priest Costume - he managed well that day

Pirate Costume

Pirate Costumes make the Sales team extra cheerful

Ghost Bride Costume

Gothic Bride Costume - a ghostly choice on a lively day

Zombie Prom Queen Costume

Zombie beauty contestant - she was Drop Dead Gorgeous

Sexy Cat Costume

Sexy Cat Costume - meow, and with warm leggings

Indian Costume

Indian Costume on one of our highly praised CSRs - she was a beauty

Snow White Costume

Snow White was tempted with an apple in our own offices. She lived

Funny Banana Costume

Banana Costume - he pulled off this funny costume with gusto

Eskimo Costume

Our lovely co-worker gets comfy in our Eskimo Costume

Gothic Costumes

Group pose in Gothic costumes - vamp, widow, anime

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes

Stay Tuned for Costume Day 2013

The office vibe has been energetic at Mr. Costumes as everyone begins planning for this year’s Halloween office party. While not everyone has decided what to be for Halloween, flapper dresses and Renaissance costumes have been getting some play. Our photographer stated she wants to wear a fox costume so that she can be the fox from the hit video, “What Does the Fox Say?”

Will anyone push the buttons this year on “acceptable” Halloween costumes for the office? We have had some borderline entries in the past, and every year there is one. Who will it be this year?