Halloween Decorations and Lights to Amaze and Inspire

Remember when you were a kid, dressed up in your Halloween costume and full of excitement, a sugar rush already settling in from sneaking candies out of the bowl at your house? It was finally just dark enough outside and the first place you wanted to go was that insanely fun or spooky looking house two streets over. The one with all the incredible Halloween lights and decorations (not to mention the full sized candy bars)! There is simply nothing better than a holiday enthusiast who shares their excitement with the whole neighborhood. The passion is infectious and their house is the place to go. This year we want you to become that house you loved growing up! We’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire your outdoor Halloween decor options from a simple strand of lights and cobwebs to a full on Halloween light show. We’ve found something for everyone!

Halloween light wrapped trees forest

Haunted Halloween Forest Lights


Create a Haunted Forest with Halloween String Lights

Wrapping trees with string lights is easier than it looks and the result is magical! The effect is incredible when you have a large number of trees, however, it can also work with just one or two, and it’s even better if you have a driveway lined with trees on both sides! Halloween lights in purple, orange and green create a mysterious yet inviting haunted forest sure to stop traffic.

Halloween light wrapped trees

Purple and Orange Light Wrapped Trees

trees wrapped in green LED halloween lights

Green LED Light Wrapped Trees

Ready to create your own haunted forest? Find Your Halloween Lights!

Light a Path Full of Flames

Lining the walkway or driveway with flicker flame bulbs can create the eerie effect of dancing fire without the hazard!

flicker flame pathway lights

Flicker Flame Pathway Lights


Illuminate Halloween Cutouts

If you have an artistic side, this is a great time to show off! Create a backlit scene against the garage or use black light paint to bring life to dark yard decorations.

DIY halloween decorations

Witches Brew Halloween Lights

Image via: Instructables


Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Decorations

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Decorations


Want more illumination? Hang Halloween icicle lights across the porch, roof and fence to cast a ghostly glow over your outdoor Halloween decorations.

Halloween Icicle String Lights

Green and Purple Icicle Fence Lights


Halloween Porch Decorations are Basically Required.

If you don’t decorate anything else, the front porch is a must! Create a frightening atmosphere or a fun welcome for trick or treater’s when they arrive to your home. Hang Halloween lights around the door or down the staircase and add a few spiders and webs, or carve pumpkins with funny faces to line the porch railings. Think of your porch as a blank canvas and then let your imagination and your creativity run wild!

fun Halloween porch decorations

Bright Orange and Purple Halloween Porch

jack-o-lanterns porch lights

Jack-O-Lanterns Welcome Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween porch decorations

Fun Porch Lights and Decorations for Halloween

halloween porch decorations

Spine Tingling Spider Porch!


Continue the Halloween Theme Indoors!

Surprise trick or treater’s when you open your door with even more ghoulish fun! Decorate a side table and the mantle or just turn off the lights inside and place a few strands of purple lights or orange lights on each side of the door to create ambient lighting while you hand out candy.

Halloween table decorations

Table display with Halloween lights and decorations!

halloween mantel decorations

Halloween Mantel Decorations


Halloween Decorations Everywhere!

Combine all of the ideas above for the ultimate Halloween experience and join in the fun by answering the door in your Halloween costume!

Halloween light show

Mega Halloween Display

decorated house on Halloween

Halloween House Decorations

Have a few unique ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments how you decorate for Halloween or tell us about that one house you loved to visit. We can’t wait to see your pictures too!

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