Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating

Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating goes beyond the costumes we wear to houses adorned with decorations both inside and out. The only limit is your creativity, so if you are looking for some inspiration, we have lined up some Halloween decorating ideas to spur you on.

Whether you’re creating scary Halloween decorations for your living room or looking for a unique Halloween yard display, a combination of the old standards and some new tricks always seem to create the right look. Add bone-chilling flair to your front yard with spooky skeleton displays, using those inexpensive store-bought plastic ones and adding some paint and fabric. Or make pumpkins the focal point of your outdoor Halloween decorations with carved pumpkins and Halloween lights.

Halloween Lights House

Halloween Lights House

Let your Halloween costume inspire your decor. If you are dressed as a vampire, then reds should be a prominently used color. Pass off red liquids as blood and have mock teeth and black capes prominently displayed. Or become inspired by nature’s fall bounty, using fall leaves, various pumpkins and gourds, Indian corn, and a scattering of Halloween props to decorate the area outside your front door to create a welcoming space for Trick-or-Treaters.

Here are a few scattered ideas that might get your creativity going:

Jack o Lanterns and Halloween Lights

Jack o Lanterns and Halloween Lights

  • Halloween lights in orange and purple create eerie outdoor glow for the yard and house
  • Silhouettes provide a scary-good first impression in your outdoor Halloween decor. Cutouts of wood or hard cardboard painted black are easy enough to create.
  • Pose a plastic skeleton or two in your outdoor Halloween display for a spooky welcome.
  • Transform your front entryway into a graveyard with Styrofoam tombstones and a gauzy canopied entrance.
  • Switch some orange patio bulbs into various fixtures both inside and out.
  • Wrap creepy black fabric or cheese cloth around a chandelier, lights and windows. Darkness and blacked out windows create a frightening angle.
  • Jars filled with candy corn and plastic spiders are good for focusing the decor to Halloween.

Don’t forget the pumpkin on the porch! Carve with kids for family time. Here are some great pumpkin carving resources:

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Lastly, don’t forget your Halloween costumes!

Hazmut Hazard

Hazmat Hazard