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Halloween costume season is nearing an end, with costumes getting sold out faster than they can ship in. Costume shops across the nation are over crowded as seasonal employees try to run through the stock rooms finding costumes, and kids and parents get upset when the lines for the dressing rooms are too long. All in all, late costume shoppers have it the worst. Selections are limited, workers are tired, and parents are determined to get the last of each available costume in an effort to coordinate costume themes.

Many times parents and couples fear shopping online so close to the holiday will result in costumes not arriving in time. People have a fear that they may find what they need, but they can’t guarantee the costume will arrive in time. At MrCostumes.com there is no need to compromise quality and costume themes. You can avoid the long lines and aggravated shoppers and feel confident that your costume will arrive in time.

MrCostumes.com is guaranteeing that any Halloween costume purchase over $50 that is placed before 12 noon EST on October 26, 2009 will arrive by October 29, 2009. This is limited to the 48 contiguous United States, and does not include shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. This allows parents and couples to shop through the weekend, finding exactly which costumes are best for everyone.

While stock is running low even for online costume companies, there are still hundreds of styles to choose from in numerous sizes. Orders placed before 12 noon ship same day, so don’t delay! View some of the popular Halloween costumes for 2009 below.

Major Trouble Teen Costume

Clone Wars Commander Cody Costume

Harem’s Jewel Sexy Costume

Plus Size Joker Costume

Elite Queen Miss Bee Have Costume
Sexy Princess Leia Costume
Ladybug Baby Costume

Twinkle Pumpkin Princess Costume

Barbie Mariposa Toddler Costume

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