Halloween Baby Safety Tips…While Staying Cute!

Uncle Si Duck Dynasty Baby Costume

New parents love to dress their children in Cute Baby Costumes, whether for a  Halloween portrait or  for trick-or-treating. With such a huge selection of baby costumes available, it is easy to get distracted or confused regarding what is best for baby safety. We want to make sure all babies are safe and comfortable in their precious costumes, so we have compiled a list of Halloween baby safety tips. We carefully select our baby Halloween costumes to be free from choking hazards, and to ensure compliance with federal safety regulations. Keeping comfort in mind, we have also chosen baby costumes with fabrics that are soft, like our plush Disney Baby Costumes.

Tigger Two Sided Plush Baby Costume

Skid proof slippers are available on many of our baby costumes to help with early walkers who are determined to hang onto any piece of furniture within reach.

Min Monster Baby Costume

Safety Precautions and Comfort Recommendations

  • Read the labels on your new costume. Labels will keep your child safe regarding flammability ratings and additional precautions that should be taken
  • If flammability precaution labels can not be found on your costume, treat the costume as if the label reads, ‘Keep Away from Fire.”  It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Hoods should not have drawstrings or be so large they can suffocate if they fall over baby’s face
  • Baby costumes should be large enough to leave room for layering if used in cold weather
  • Baby costumes should be lightweight if being used during warm weather
  • Remember to never leave your baby unattended.

You are never too young to dress for Halloween. Infants can wear bunting costumes with characters ranging from Lady Bugs  to Superman to Tootsie Rolls.

Lady Bug Bunting Costume

We also have many New Costumes for 2014 such as Uncle Si  from Duck Dynasty. Baby costumes are a great way to include little ones in Halloween festivities and fun family events. Enjoy showing  off your little one in his or her adorable Halloween costume and take lots of pictures!