Great Couples Costumes Shock the Crowds

Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costumes</>Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costumes

Extraordinary couples costume themes make letting every personality shine this Halloween a breeze. Couples costumes bring a pair closer together while letting them show off some of the things they have in common. For example, this Nightmare Before Christmas duo both seemingly have a love for Tim Burton and his distraught work. Sharing this moment not only makes for picture perfect memories, but lets the couple show their personality to the party.

From funny couples costume themes to more historic or television themed, every couple can find something in common that will work for a room shocking couples costume night. Jack and Sally, Homer and Marge, Jason Voorhees and his mistress, Dog and Beth, The Prince and Princess, and the plug and socket all show their faces at the big Halloween bash. Which look is right for you?

Couples costumes couldn’t be a hotter style for 2010. You go out with your sweetie anyhow on Halloween so why not dress to match and give the room a chance to gawk in awe at the two of you? Couples costumes are great for pictures, laughs, and showing up that rival couple that always wins the costume contest. This year is your year! Not dressing in couples Halloween costumes would be a crazy move. With all the looks and styles available, why on earth wouldn’t you give it a shot?

Dead Couple Costumes</>Dead Couple Costumes

Smurf Couples Costumes</>Smurf Couples Costumes