Funny Costumes Can Be a Shocker

Man Eating Shark Funny CostumeMan Eating Shark Costume

Funny Costumes can be a real Shocker! While some funny costumes may be geared towards silly animals, dancing cows, or food like hot dogs and M&Ms, others are designed to cause a shock.

M&M Costume

Some of the new costumes in the funny category include the Shocker, Beer Pong, Freshman 15, and Anita Waxin’. Such costumes are perfect for college parties, and men and women who are wild at heart. Offering great laugh value, some funny costumes will give party-goers laughs for weeks.

Beer Pong Costume

Other funny costumes that are suitable for youngsters include any form of dual costume, where the character can be a half man, half woman, or half football player, half cheerleader. These dual costumes will make you appear to be one personality from the left side, and another from the right. Gumby, the Hamburglar, and the Fuzzy Chicken are among some of the costumes to choose from.

Dual Cheerleader Football CostumeDual Cheerleader Football Costume

The selection of funny costumes at offers variety for everyone. Clowns, Shark Attack, frisky doctors, Wet T-Shirt Contest Winners, and Perky Vikings all wait to cause a laugh, and have some fun! If you are feeling the need to laugh, or enjoy bringing some shock value to a party, you will enjoy the funny costumes available for 2009!

Hamburglar CostumeHamburglar Costume
Perky Viking CostumePerky Viking Costume
Freshman 15 CostumeFreshman 15 Costume
Anita Waxin' CostumeAnita Waxin’ Costume
The Shocker CostumeThe Shocker Costume
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