Flirtatious French Maid Costumes

Sexy French Maid CostumeSexy French Maid Costume

Flirty, frilled, and full of fun, sexy maid costumes are regular Halloween party attendees. Sexy yet classy, French Maid costumes turn what should be a clean role into a dirty mind making beauty! Lace and satin, frills and bows, sexy French Maid costumes have all the needed details to get attention from every direction.

French Maid costumes seem to be increasing more and more in popularity opposed to many costumes that lose that spark after a couple of years. The fantasy driven costume has a tendency to have men of all ages thinking of hiring a little French cutie to “tidy up” around the house. Making sure the curtains and drapes are properly cleaned and well maintained, the duties of a sexy French maid are never done!

Flirty French Maid Costume

Black and white with lace skirts, pink fir and frilled trim, short and sassy skirts and low cut tops, sexy maid costumes have a look for everyone. The charming Chambermaid French maid costume has a classy yet utterly sexy appeal that no man could resist. The black velvet sexy maid costume has a darker look than most tidying ladies with it’s sexy shrug, black velvet dress, choker and duster. Plus size sexy maid costumes let every woman of every size take part in the flirtatious fun of the provocative French maid.

Naughty French Maid CostumeNaughty French Maid Costume

Whether it’s Halloween or Saturday night, you can’t go wrong with a sexy French maid costume. The desire to be flirtatious and longed for, stared at and craved, is on every womans list of must haves on costume night. The variety of sexy maid costumes let you get the attention you deserve while never worrying about someone else showing up in the same attire. Every body shape, every accent you want to flaunt, every part you want to cover, it can all be done with a sexy maid costume!