Fans Wear Official Star Wars Costumes to Star Wars Re-release

Star Wars Darth Maul Costume

Star Wars Darth Maul Costume
February 10th was the official date of the Star Wars Episode I re-release, and like all passionate nerds that weekend, the 501st and I appeared at our local theater in official Star Wars costumes to watch the 3D movie. My local event at the Mall of Georgia, at which adults and children alike dressed in Star Wars costumes, included face painting for the young ones and photo opportunities with some of the great Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Re-Release Comparison

Child and Sand PersonChild and Sand Person Costume

The Star Wars re-release has not changed much except for a few new instances of Yoda and a tagline promising 3D action. I find it unfortunate that the graphics for the movie have not held up to the test of time, making Episode IV: A New Hope, look more visually stunning than Star Wars Episode I. Like many movies that I’ve seen in theaters, being with the fans while watching the movie was more rewarding than seeing the movie itself.

The 3D in the Star Wars re-release did, however, add some depth to the wider shots. I wasn’t expecting the 3D to be anything to write home about, but it actually improved some scenes. Though the movie itself was not shot in a 3D format but edited in post, the podracing became more interactive, the costumes became more detailed, and the shots of Naboo and other planets held a rich quality to them I hadn’t expected.

Official Star Wars Red Guard
Official Star Wars Red Guard Costume

There was nothing that literally flew out of the screen into your face like the trick so many 3D movies utilize nowadays, but I did not find the Episode I re-release to be lacking because of it.

Star Wars Re-Release Plan

Initially, I thought the Star Wars Re-Release plan was simply a bid for more money, and while I still think that is a huge part of the reason it’s being re-released in 3D, I have also come to realize that Star Wars fans (myself included) would be happy to pay to see their favorite movies on the big screen again. Episode I isn’t my favorite of the prequels, so I’m looking forward to the future (it only gets better from here). Bring on Episode II and the Clone Trooper Costumes!

Child in Official Star Wars Costume
During Face Painting