Fairy Costumes Take Flight with the Help of Pixie Dust

The popularity of Fairy Costumes has increased over the years, with each movie and book released sparking new excitement and mystique. With movies such as Barbie Fairytopia and Thumbelina, fairies attract young girls dreaming of secrets that hide in the sunlight and morning dew. Fairy costumes for kids and toddlers often include shimmer and sparkles, with pretty wings that attach in the back. Colors of soft green, pink, and blue are used in the dresses to reflect the prettiness of the lovely fairies. Fairy costumes such as the Liteup Fairy Kids Costume are even using fiber optic lights to create magical twinkles that young girls cherish.

Disney’s animated film Peter Pan introduced the world’s most popular fairy ever, Tinker Bell. Countless films and stories have spun from Peter Pan in which Tink receives the leading role. With her wave of pixie dust Tinker Bell sends children and believers flying through the night sky in search of magic and wonder. Tinker Bell’s pixie dust has traveled far and wide, giving flight to numerous films and books centered around fairies, resulting in beautiful fairy costumes and dresses. Tinker Bell is now one of the Disney Fairies residing in Pixie Hollow, working on a series of books and calendars, and continuing to act and perform.

Women and teens gravitate towards more natural fairy costumes such as woodland fairies and seasonal fairies, with designs resembling those of the fairies that appear in Fairy Tale and Midsummer Nights Dream. Woodland fairies attract nature lovers and have a fantasy approach to caring for the animals and trees that we coexist with. Graveyard and vamp fairies are a little less soft in appearance, but teens love them!

When choosing your Fairy Costumes keep your accessories in mind! Some costumes come complete with tiaras, stockings, and petticoats, and others do not. Completing your costume with the appropriate accessories is the finishing touch of your costume, and never forget that pixie dust can take you farther than you ever dared to dream! It was the magic of pixie dust that threw Tinker Bell into the spotlight so many years ago, and she’s still leading the fairies today.

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