Dress Up as a Group this Halloween Season

Are you attending a costume party with a group this year? Instead of scrambling to all come up with your own costume ideas, why not dress up coordinated together. It may seem difficult, but once you pick a theme; it really is easier for everyone to just pick a costume. Following are some ideas for themes that work well for groups:

The Wizard of Oz – at a minimum, 4 people should dress up in the parts of the main characters but as many as 10 or more could also be witches, munchkins, or flying monkeys.

The Flintstones – this cartoon family works best for 2 to 6 people. Accessories can be fun for these costumes.

Super Heroes – think back to your childhood when the Justice League of America ruled the air waves. Create your own Justice League with the hottest trend in costumes this season – Super Heroes. For the best results 5 or more people would work best in this theme but you could dress up with as little as 2 people.

Star Wars… The ‘Clone Wars’ animated movie has kept Star Wars in the forefront so it is still a good choice when thinking of group costumes. A little research may be necessary to decide upon which version of the characters you want to pursue but this theme will work well with 2 to many people.

Political Candidates…for 2 or more people, a mask and regular clothes is all you would need for this theme. Just don’t start debating at the party!

Farmer Brown….Tap into your inner animal and have everyone pick a farm animal with one person (or couple) dressed up as a farmer. This is great for a large group and can be done with homemade costumes.

Gangsters…Gangsters work well for couples and can be done with a modern twist… the women can be more ‘gangster-ish’ than the typical flapper costumes that you might see.

These ideas should get the creative juices flowing. Pick your theme and then start dressing up! Be the talk of the party when you arrive to an event dressed up as a group.